Apr 7, 2013

Learning at Educator.com

I found an excellent site online that is very beneficial to students and educators. This website aims to help high school and college level students improve their grades in areas they're having a problem with and to help students get high scores in SAT and AP tests, through well-designed lessons they can take at their own time and at their own pace online, and with the help of  educators who are experts in their fields.

I've read some great reviews about this site, but let me make my own educator.com review. When I heard about this site, I was excited to try it because of my three kids who love learning and who love going to online educational sites. When I looked at the site, though, I knew I couldn't use the site for my four-year-old and seven-year-old. Looking at the course offerings, I doubted that my 11-year-old would be able to grasp most of the lessons yet. The lessons at Educators.com, as I've said earlier, are for more advanced learning geared towards middle school, high school and college students.

So I checked some of the lessons out for myself. Of course, lessons in Mathematics that ranges from Basic Math to Differential Equations are out for me. As well as, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. What I found interesting are the Language courses. As a transcriber and a blogger, I know I need to brush up on my language skills. The last time I attended a writing class was in college. Lately, (and this is probably because of old age :D), I tend to forget the things that were supposed to come naturally to me. I knew I was in deep trouble when I wrote 'piece of mind' instead of 'peace of mind' and didn't notice I did until the third pass. There are things that I forget now, mainly because I'm not paying that much attention. Once I Googled things up and find the answers, I quickly forget about them because it's just so easy to search for it again next time. Hence, my introduction to Educator.com came at a perfect time.

I love how the lessons are divided into very detailed sections. For example, the English Grammar course starts with the chapter on Parts of Speech and starts with section on  Nouns. If you look at the image below, you can see this is a very comprehensive outline on Nouns alone. And that is just the start of the English Grammar course. There are six chapters all in all, ending with Common Sentence Problems.

screenshot of the English Grammar course.

I can jump from one lesson to another.  With the comprehensive outline shown above, I can just go to the lessons I'm interested in, like in this English Grammar course, I would like to be able to jump to Chapter V which is Common Grammar Problems. For students who are having a hard time in one area, this feature is very useful, since they can go back, and back again, to lessons they're having a hard time understanding.   

 Looking at the above outline, I realize that my 11-year-old could actually learn from this. The English Grammar course is easy to understand and over the course of the lessons, the instructor provides examples to help students easily grasp the concepts.

I love the clear video, the visual aids and the dual screen. All these make it easier for me to understand the concepts. The visual aids and the dual screen give emphasis to what the instructor is pointing at. I'm sure that my son would be able to understand these lessons because of those visual aids. The instructor is energetic and speaks clearly.

The two-video interface allows students to see what the teacher is writing down as she speaks. This serves as the blackboard, but much better  because you can pause the video or go a few slides back or forward.

Checking for understanding. At the end of the lessons, there will be a practice session and the answers will be provided on the next slides with explanations on why those answers are correct. 

Once you sign up at Educator.com, you will have unlimited access and personalized help to all courses. Courses include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Language, and Music. And more importantly, they have courses to help your child on SAT and AP (Advanced Placement). You can take advantage of the free sample lessons in any of these course offerings to see for yourself how this would greatly benefit you and your child. Signing up is pretty much worth it.

I love that they are offering special software trainings and Computer Sciences, too. Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS5 and HTML Training and C++. My hubby is very interested in the Computer Science courses. If you're a blogger or someone who plans to blog, they have courses on WordPress and WordPress blogging, as well. 

At your own time. The beauty of Educator.com is that you or your child can take these courses and go through them at your own time. It's like going to school, but of course at the comfort of your home and at your own convenient time.

It's a good thing that I found this site. I'm excited to begin on the software courses. I will update this post from time to time and once I'm done with the course so I can give you a more comprehensive view of the courses.

Until then, have a great day, everyone!.


  1. Internet is amazing isn't it sis? You get to enjoy the things that help you improve without leaving the comfort of your home.

    1. Yes, sis, it is. We are so lucky that we're able to utilize it to the fullest. :)

    2. I just wish that I could have learn surfing the net earlier hehehe..


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