Apr 15, 2013

Colorful Gel Beads


These are gel beads air freshener. They used to be so small, like teeny tiny hard beads. My sister-in-law put the beads in bottles filled with water and over time, the beads grew to this size. The bottles have been with us for a couple of years. Last week, I washed the bottles and changed the water inside. I took out all the beads inside. See those tiny hands that's helping me? He was so happy to see all these colors. What is it about gels and jellies that kids and kids at heart like? I don't know if this is harmful to him but I thoroughly washed his hands afterwards just to make sure.

We put the beads back in the bottles. The second bottle, we put all the transparent ones first so the other beads seems to be floating.

Isn't this a great inexpensive decorating idea?

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  1. Those are so pretty. I can understand how kids love to play with them cause they fascinate me too....Christine

  2. I agree with Christine, they are pretty. Thanks for joiniing again. :)

  3. Wonderful photos, beautiful marbles, rich color!

  4. Cool! I can see a grouping of those vintage looking bottles filled with those beads at different levels as a centerpiece for a dinner party. Mixed with some candle lighting, it would be magical.

  5. I've never seen these before. So lovely; I just might have to try these with my grandson!

  6. Those are so cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

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  8. I used to buy that sis but when the little one started mashing it in the carpet, I stopped lol. They are very pretty thought. Linky is up now, sorry am so late.. BUSY world.

  9. I remember my niece brought a pack of this at home she called it magic balls since it'll expand once soak in the water. I love it but just like you I'm worried it might have harmful ingredients in it.

  10. Hello! l ran into your blog looking for where I can buy these gel beads. :) May I ask where I can buy these? :) Thanks!

    1. Hi. I bought these from our local sari-sari store. They are tiny air fresheners, very small. But if you search online, there are some stores that sell these gel beads, locally or internationally.


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