Mar 26, 2013

Yoga and Slipped Disc

I haven't had any exercise at all except brisk walking since I've been diagnosed with slipped disc. I'm very careful with my movements. I know I need to have at least some form of exercise. One thing that I'm looking at is yoga. I know a person with a condition like mine  would be afraid to try yoga but researching online, I found out that it is doable.  I've been researching on the postures and positions allowed for persons with herniated disc, as well as poses to avoid. There's even yoga therapy for people with slipped disc. Also, yoga is something that will keep me indoors and something that I can do with the whole family. I know when I bring this up with my hubby, he will surely look this up online also, look for DVD or Wii discs for this and even look up matching yoga bags for the kids. :) When my hubby's into something, he's really into it. Let's see then if I'll be able to go into yoga this summer. I could just imagine my little ones doing yoga poses. :)


  1. I found a free yoga for kids online and thinking of buying my kids one..

  2. Aw! Sad to know about your slipped disc, Mai. I went back to briskwalking as well. It makes me feel good and healthy. I haven't tried yoga though but my friends told me they are a really good form of exercise.

    1. thanks lainy! my slipped disc is tolerable now, unlike before. but one wrong move could make it worse. my hubby found a yoga DVD and is trying it out. nakakapagod din daw pala, hahaha.


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