Mar 7, 2013

Things to Do At Paradizoo Farm #4-6


Hello! Hope you're having a nice day. Having fun yet? This is the second part of Things To do At Paradizoo Farm. As I've mentioned in the first part, Paradizoo Farm is a farm and zoo rolled into one and is located in in the beautiful town of Mendez, Cavite here in the Philippines, (in case our wonderful international readers are wondering where that is). You can read Things to do at Paradizoo Farm #1-3 HERE.

African tulip

So I ask the question again, what are the things you can do at the Paradizoo Farm? Today, it's all about the flowers and the bees.

#4. Visit the Honey House.   

In the Honey House, the kids will be given a quick lesson on the life cycle of honeybees and how honey is made.I saw honeybees wax outside but didn't pay much attention and got as far away as possible because I'm afraid of bee stings.

#5. Marvel at the vast variety of flowers and plants.

This is my favorite part. I was in flower heaven. It is not surprising the farm have successful set up their own Honey House and was able to produce honey. The place is full of flowering plants of different colors and variety. Some are familiar to me, because they're flowers of my childhood.

#6. Run Around and Have Fun!

With the soft grass on your feet, crisp air and the beauty of nature around you, be a child and just let your spirit fly. Run around!

Kids having fun running around

And get lost among the different paths and winding roads, just be sure that you'll be found later on when it's time to go home. :)

Where does this road lead to, I wonder.
I hope I'm not boring you yet with this post. The last part will be posted  next week and it's all about the animals. See you then!

Have a great weekend ahead, everybody!.


  1. a little bit of honey heaven
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. It'd be fun to see the honey house and how the bees create their product!

    abcw team

  3. I don't think I have seen an African tulip before sis. Honey house is perfect for this week's H in ABC..

    1. Hi sis, just want to thank you for the postcard, you're so thoughtful!

      Have a happy weekend.

    2. Thanks for joining Color Connection last week, come and link up this week. Linky is up now.

  4. Looks like a great place to explore.

  5. I love to see bees, they will be spoilt for choice with those flowers.
    Joy - ABC Team

  6. I liked the Honey House. My son in law is planning on getting a beehive for his small farm. He has already planted a large area of white clover for the bees.
    An Arkies Musings

  7. Beautiful place to have fun and explore with the family Sis Mai
    :-) been to Cavite but oly in Rizal :-) when I was processing my papers back in 2002 :-)

    Wednesday Whites :-)

  8. Exquisite photos, yes, I like the light, are gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful flowers, especially the African Tulip!!It is so green and lovely there. I like the trails and pathways; they seem so inviting. LOVE the honey photo because we used to be bee keepers and extracting our own honey was so rewarding, like eating delicious honey comb. If I lived close to you, I would definitely visit this place. Look forward to more.

  10. Hi Mai, yup, Anney's my sister and one of those kids is my daughter.Nice clicks. I haven't been to Paradizoo!

  11. i really hope we can visit this place real soon. thanks for joining k.i.d, as always! ;)

  12. Lots of greens ! I love it! Very interesting place, sis! Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites, sis!


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