Mar 8, 2013

In Need of A New Bag

Hubby has a laptop case, a very slim one which goes inside his backpack. And I love this laptop case but  I don't like the backpack. It (the backpack) is not hubby's original bag. This was actually Basti's. He exchanged his original backpack with my son's backpack because my son's backpack is not bulky and it's lightweight. With the laptop already heavy, he doesn't want to add more weight into whatever he's carrying around to and from work. He's thinking of buying a new one whenever the budget would allow him to, and that would be a couple of months away from now. Hubby wants a laptop bag that's light, not bulky, heavy-duty and something that would not give away that he's carrying a laptop inside.

I wanted him to have a briefcase instead. I found a site who offers different styles, color and sizes of mens leather briefcases, which are from popular brands and with prices ranging from affordable to not-so-affordable but really good quality ones. Of course, if ever, we'll go for the affordable. Hubby said he wanted a laptop bag, so I'll show him the site instead and he can decide and see for himself the briefcases. Anyway,  the site also offers laptop cases, messenger bags (probably what he'll go for), backpacks, duffel bags; and most are laptop compatible. Although, I would like a briefcase for him, it would be his decision anyway. I'd go with whatever he'd be comfortable using.

And here's another one thing to add to the already growing list of 'to-buy' things for the summer and before school commences again in June. Wish us luck on this search of a new bag!


  1. Leather briefcase is a great choice for your hubby.

  2. yup, i think so too, but he says it's too formal for him. hehe. :)

    1. Hahaha rugged siguro an gusto ni hubs mo sis..


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