Mar 13, 2013

7,107 Islands

I is for Islands 
Of that we have so many, 7107 islands, in fact.
If I put in all the islands that we have I'd run out of space 
Or not, okay, But that would take so much time 
And time is something I need right now, badly, for something else
 But my Wednesday wouldn't be complete 
Without sharing something That starts with letter I.
So let me share with you this small Island
My brother took a shot of
We have more, far more beautiful than this
In this awesome Incredible Country of ours.

And of course, the heat is so intense
And people will find their way to the beaches
Of the 7,107 islands that we have.
I hope you find yourself in an island
As beautiful as this, or more.
Taken at the island province 

 Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!!!

Wednesday Whites and ABC Wednesday
Disclaimer: The photos are property of and not to be shared, or pinned, without permission of the owner. ( Yeah, I had to get permission for this or else, he won't speak to me for a long time. He's my brother after all.)


  1. As I understand, islands - the tiny ones, anyway - are emerging and submerging all the time.

    You have a nice one.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. yes, roger. it depend if it's low tide or high tide. :)

  2. Looks very inviting ~ Wonderful pics for ABC ^_^

    ps ~ Am your latest GFC follower ^_^

  3. Thats a lot of islands!! Wish sometimes I could find one for myself.

  4. I love ISLANDS! You have the most IDYLLIC post:)

  5. I was thinking of Korea for letter I sis kasi we've seen Islands over there but over here puro bundok eh lol. Love your photos!

  6. Beautiful shots of beautiful islands! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Beautiful pictures of those islands Momi :-) makes me want to jump in the water...I bet it is refreshing. I love the 2nd pix....

    Wednesday Whites :-)

  8. Beautiful photos, I go to that beach vacation, very beautiful.

  9. Great photos taken by your brother, Sis! Love it! thanks for joining WW-- sorry missed an entry last week,. Hope you will play again this week!

    1. thanks sis. for sure, i'll join. if not here, maybe on the other blog. see you there!


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