Mar 29, 2013

Good Job, Kids!

This is the cake that we  bought for the kids. 

 Today, I want to thank the Almighty for blessing me with three beautiful kids. We are proud parents this March. My eldest did not get any academic honors (top 11) but he was given a Most Behaved ribbon. Wasn't that one of the things most parent dream of, to have peace of mind knowing that no matter where and with whom you leave your children, they'll act courteously and behave correctly? He has been getting this Most Behaved ribbon for three years now. I didn't quite realize that until he told me and we laughed about it since we're always  asking him to behave at home.

My second son, Sam, was awarded with Most Obedient,  Best in Math, Best in Computer, and Best in English plus Academic Honors. His school is a small one with very few students, nonetheless, he earned the points to make it to the honor roll. He is so deserving of these awards because he is such a diligent student. He wouldn't go to sleep without doing his assignments. This child jumped, leaped, from being a child who cannot speak coherently to the child he is now - proud of himself, can read, can dance in front of many people, still working on his writing and spelling but very good in Math.

This school year has been so fulfilling. I've somehow gotten out of my comfort zone to support the activities of my two older kids. Gosh, I've almost became a stage mom. But the credit is not mine, the credit goes to the dad and the aunts and the grandmas as well, who are helping me raise these kids and of course, to the kids themselves who've behaved and labored this past school year. And I shouldn't forget Sam's teachers who helped him overcome his speech delay and who taught him his lessons patiently. 

So, last Sunday, we bought the kids a cake which they liked very much. The youngest one's name had to be included in the cake because he said he's also very good. He said he is "Good Job" too!  He felt bad that he didn't have a medal and wanted a medal of his own so we told him next year, he'll get one. That is, if he study really hard. And he said he will. Let's wait and see. :)  

Sharing this with my friends at Color ConnectionOrange You Glad It's Friday , and Kids In Doodles. Forgive me for the long post. I meant to keep this short and simple but I  got carried away. :)

Mar 28, 2013

Printing Brochures For Your Business

I used to go to a lot of trade fairs and exhibits when I was still single as part of my job as a staff assistant to my foreigner boss who was one of the directors of his government's trade ministry. I would get brochures left and right from exhibitors, mostly local suppliers, exporters and manufacturers and I would keep them to show my boss and other potential investors and importers. Some were really good and some were really bad. Some companies really spent a great deal of money hiring professionals to design good-looking brochures for them and some companies who were on a strict budget just made their own. Obviously, at that time, the cost of printing brochures are way too high and many options were not available yet to businesses. Now, thanks to the power of the Internet, there are many resources that companies can look into when it comes to designing and printing captivating brochures that will appeal to the consumers' tastes. In the US, for example, business owners have now the option to print brochures from, where they can search for printing companies all over the US that will give them the lowest price. Not only will they be given help on where to find the lowest price, business owners would also be given tips on design, marketing and printing. With the technology today, there's really no reason any more to hand out poor-looking brochures to potential customers and turn them off.

Mar 27, 2013


Late last year, one of my bestfriends went on a vacation in Singapore. When she came home and had a chance to visit me and the kids, she gave me these two keychains she bought in Singapore. I love collecting keychains. And so far, these two are my favorites, along with the other keychains given to by my other bestfriend who travels a lot. I'm glad my bestfriends remember me when they're out of town or out of the country. They always bring me some tokens when they come home.

golden rabbit keychain and my glittery M keychain. 

And before I go, I would like to thank again Misty Allen of Crazy-4-Monograms for letting me use her monograms on my posts. It's such a joy for me to see these colorful and beautiful letters on my posts. She's such a generous designer. She has freebies everyday on her blog. And this letter K here has an Easter feel to it, don't you think? 

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


Mar 26, 2013

Yoga and Slipped Disc

I haven't had any exercise at all except brisk walking since I've been diagnosed with slipped disc. I'm very careful with my movements. I know I need to have at least some form of exercise. One thing that I'm looking at is yoga. I know a person with a condition like mine  would be afraid to try yoga but researching online, I found out that it is doable.  I've been researching on the postures and positions allowed for persons with herniated disc, as well as poses to avoid. There's even yoga therapy for people with slipped disc. Also, yoga is something that will keep me indoors and something that I can do with the whole family. I know when I bring this up with my hubby, he will surely look this up online also, look for DVD or Wii discs for this and even look up matching yoga bags for the kids. :) When my hubby's into something, he's really into it. Let's see then if I'll be able to go into yoga this summer. I could just imagine my little ones doing yoga poses. :)

Mar 25, 2013

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Mar 20, 2013

J is for Jollibee

is for Jollibee. Every Filipino child loves Jollibee, not the fastfood chain itself, but the mascot that represents it. My boys love Jollibee, more the fastfood than the mascot. A weekend stroll at the mall would not be complete without dining in at this particular chain. They love the spaghetti the most and every spaghetti ever cooked and presented to them is measured by Jollibee standards, lol. So glad hubby's home-cooked spaghetti comes close. 

This was taken on my son's birthday in August 2012. 

Jollibee is a 35-year-old fast-food chain based in the Philippines. It specializes in burgers, spaghetti, fries and other dishes and desserts catering to the Filipino taste. It has now a network of more than 750 stores in the Philippines and 80 stores outside the Philippines with 26 in the USA, 32 in Vietnam, 11 in Brunei, 7 in Jeddah and one each in Qatar, Hong Kong, and Kuwait. --  source:
How about you, who is you kid's favorite mascot?


 Ruby Tuesday 2
My first on:
 Orange You Glad It's Friday

Mar 19, 2013

Things To Do at Paradizoo Farm: #7-10


This is the last of my 'Things To Do At Paradizoo Farm' Series. Please feel free to visit the first part here and the second part here.

#7. Count the fishes. 

Alright, this is an inside joke among my son's classmates. Their teacher asked them to list down the animals and how many each, and when they came to the fishes, they didn't know if they'll count that or now. But they did! Turns out they don't have to. I love those teeny, weeny orange ones. On their website, they say that you can dip you feet in there for a relaxing fish spa. :)

#8. Take a look at all the animals. 

Some are in pens and some are just grazing around the farm. You can feed the horses and the other animals like the rabbits and the goats.

#9.  Ride the horses.

This would surely delight the younger kids. I feel sorry though for that small horse which they put Basti on. It looks too small for him, poor thing. We had to wait awhile for this ride, as there were so many people that time we were there.

9. Visit the Noah's Ark, crematoria for pets.

There's a small cemetery for animals too beside it.

 #10. Enjoy the fresh air, the beauty of nature and they sky. 

Aah, crisp clean air.  The sky seems so near.  It feels great to be in an open field like this, where everywhere you look, you'll see flowers and plants. 

So this is it,guys. Thanks for reading my Things To Do at Paradizoo Farm series. I highly recommend this place as one of must-go-to summer destinations. Hope you'll have a great time there.

Mar 13, 2013

7,107 Islands

I is for Islands 
Of that we have so many, 7107 islands, in fact.
If I put in all the islands that we have I'd run out of space 
Or not, okay, But that would take so much time 
And time is something I need right now, badly, for something else
 But my Wednesday wouldn't be complete 
Without sharing something That starts with letter I.
So let me share with you this small Island
My brother took a shot of
We have more, far more beautiful than this
In this awesome Incredible Country of ours.

And of course, the heat is so intense
And people will find their way to the beaches
Of the 7,107 islands that we have.
I hope you find yourself in an island
As beautiful as this, or more.
Taken at the island province 

 Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!!!

Wednesday Whites and ABC Wednesday
Disclaimer: The photos are property of and not to be shared, or pinned, without permission of the owner. ( Yeah, I had to get permission for this or else, he won't speak to me for a long time. He's my brother after all.)

Mar 12, 2013

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mar 11, 2013

Buying and Selling Jobs at

As most of you already know, I am a work-at-home mom. I work as a transcriber in four transcribing companies, all freelance, and blog during my free time. The greatest thing I found about working freelance is the flexibility it offers me. I am grateful that I was introduced into this 'path' by my sister because I don't have to leave the comfort of my home anymore, making me always available to attend to the needs of my kids.

But there are rare times during the year when there's not so much transcriptions to be done (especially during end of a fiscal year). And this is when the freelancer that I am try to get some other kind of jobs to supplement my income.

I'm glad that here in the Philippines, there is a new jobs marketplace, a new marketplace for buying and selling simple services quickly, easily and affordably.  Perfect for a freelancer like me. All I have to do is sign up, post a job that I'd be willing to do for P199 and wait for a client to come in and purchase my service. This new marketplace can be found at And as the name implies, people can now buy and sell services and small jobs, starting at P199.00

With 199Jobs, each individual can use their creativity to earn money online, whether to make a bit of extra on the side or turn it into something that supports their entire family. You can post any job that you want that you're sure you'll able to deliver to the client, something that you're really good at. My husband, for example, is really good at sketching and drawing so I'm convincing him to offer caricature and sketch painting service on the site. He'll earn while doing what he loves most doing, sketching. 

Here's how it works for freelancers and jobseekers:

The goal of 199Jobs is to connect buyers and sellers and make it easy for them to work together. Hence, this site is not only for job seekers and freelancers,  it is also for businesses needing help to get things done without the stress of hiring, interviewing and managing individuals. 199Jobs assists businesses and entrepreneurs get reliable, responsive and trustworthy people to help them build and grow their business. 

Whether you're a starting company or a big company needing to get simple things done, this is the place for you. If you're an busy individual who doesn't have the time for small tasks that need to be done, you can post what you need others to do for you at the site. If you need ghostwriters, someone to do social media shares for you, hold giveaway, do a review, design your blog, do graphics for you, you can find them at The possibilities are endless.

And here's how to buy services at 199Jobs:

About The Team is founded by two entrepreneurs, Glenn Santos and Fitz Villafuerte.

Glenn Santos has been helping people earn extra income online for seven years now through, a copywriting and content creation service business. As founder, he leads the business planning, operations and community development of the site. On a personal note, I've known Glenn Santos for a few years now and that's why I am confident about recommending this site. I've been working for him at since I started being a work-at-home mom.

Meanwhile, Fitz Villafuerte has been helping people increase their financial literacy since 2007 through Ready To Be Rich (, his business, investments and personal finance blog. As co-founder, he is part of the business development team and leads the planning and implementation of its marketing strategies.

To know more about 199Jobs:

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I'm inviting you all to join us at If you have friends or relatives who you think would benefit from this site, please feel free to share this link with them. 


 Hope to see you there soon, guys!


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Mar 8, 2013

In Need of A New Bag

Hubby has a laptop case, a very slim one which goes inside his backpack. And I love this laptop case but  I don't like the backpack. It (the backpack) is not hubby's original bag. This was actually Basti's. He exchanged his original backpack with my son's backpack because my son's backpack is not bulky and it's lightweight. With the laptop already heavy, he doesn't want to add more weight into whatever he's carrying around to and from work. He's thinking of buying a new one whenever the budget would allow him to, and that would be a couple of months away from now. Hubby wants a laptop bag that's light, not bulky, heavy-duty and something that would not give away that he's carrying a laptop inside.

I wanted him to have a briefcase instead. I found a site who offers different styles, color and sizes of mens leather briefcases, which are from popular brands and with prices ranging from affordable to not-so-affordable but really good quality ones. Of course, if ever, we'll go for the affordable. Hubby said he wanted a laptop bag, so I'll show him the site instead and he can decide and see for himself the briefcases. Anyway,  the site also offers laptop cases, messenger bags (probably what he'll go for), backpacks, duffel bags; and most are laptop compatible. Although, I would like a briefcase for him, it would be his decision anyway. I'd go with whatever he'd be comfortable using.

And here's another one thing to add to the already growing list of 'to-buy' things for the summer and before school commences again in June. Wish us luck on this search of a new bag!

Mar 7, 2013

Things to Do At Paradizoo Farm #4-6


Hello! Hope you're having a nice day. Having fun yet? This is the second part of Things To do At Paradizoo Farm. As I've mentioned in the first part, Paradizoo Farm is a farm and zoo rolled into one and is located in in the beautiful town of Mendez, Cavite here in the Philippines, (in case our wonderful international readers are wondering where that is). You can read Things to do at Paradizoo Farm #1-3 HERE.

African tulip

So I ask the question again, what are the things you can do at the Paradizoo Farm? Today, it's all about the flowers and the bees.

#4. Visit the Honey House.   

In the Honey House, the kids will be given a quick lesson on the life cycle of honeybees and how honey is made.I saw honeybees wax outside but didn't pay much attention and got as far away as possible because I'm afraid of bee stings.

#5. Marvel at the vast variety of flowers and plants.

This is my favorite part. I was in flower heaven. It is not surprising the farm have successful set up their own Honey House and was able to produce honey. The place is full of flowering plants of different colors and variety. Some are familiar to me, because they're flowers of my childhood.

#6. Run Around and Have Fun!

With the soft grass on your feet, crisp air and the beauty of nature around you, be a child and just let your spirit fly. Run around!

Kids having fun running around

And get lost among the different paths and winding roads, just be sure that you'll be found later on when it's time to go home. :)

Where does this road lead to, I wonder.
I hope I'm not boring you yet with this post. The last part will be posted  next week and it's all about the animals. See you then!

Have a great weekend ahead, everybody!.

Mar 6, 2013

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Mar 3, 2013

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Mar 2, 2013

A Glimpse Of Me: Thoughts on Retirement

The kids are growing and hubby and I know there will come a time when they will be leaving our nest and will be venturing out into the world on their own. We can only hope that we'd be able to train them well enough on how to face the challenges of life, so they can breeze through it with happy hearts.

 No, I'm not looking forward to retiring yet. It's too early for that. I, in fact,would like to freeze this moment in time. These are the best days of my life; the past two years had been the best years, with a four-year-old, a first grader and soon to be teenager. Everyday is a joy (and of course some days are horrible) but it's amazing to be in this stage of motherhood. I'm alway amazed, dumbfounded, and oftentimes, hysterically laughing over the words that come out of my four-year-old's mouth. I'm always please and proud of my schooling kids' achievements. And the hugs and kisses are unlimited. But soon, my two younger ones wouldn't want to be kissed anymore, like my almost teenager of a son. They wouldn't want to be hugged anymore and wouldn't be afraid of the dark anymore. I will miss these days, I know. 

When the kids have graduated and have their own jobs, they would want to have a place and family of their own. And when that time comes, hubby and I would be left alone again, like we were when we're just starting out as newly weds. I know we should be looking at  retirement options and such right now to help us in our golden years. Hubby already have an pension plan that he's diligently paying every quarter but I have nothing except for my SSS which I haven't been paying for years now. I would need to look on how to continue paying that and look at other options.

I've heard about annuity from a friend who suddenly turned financial adviser sometime ago but I did not pay attention. The sound of the word annuity itself scares me, I don't know anything about it. So, I had to look it up over the net. I found some really good fixed annuity web site explaining the intricate and complicated details of annuities and its different types. There's still so much to take in right now and I will still have to study the options. My head is bursting with information overload, but good thing is, there's still a lot of time to read and study. One thing's for sure, if I'd be getting into all these investment plans and retirement plans, I would surely need reliable, trustworthy professionals to guide me through it.

For now, my interest is in the present, where I'm living my life to the fullest. I have been blessed with parents who are so independent they wouldn't ask or take money from their children, or even live with their children even how much we persuade them to. When the time comes, I would like to be like my parents, independent and empowered. And the way I see it, I can only be like that if I plan my retirement years well, starting now. Who was it that said, when's the best time to plant a 100 year old tree? The best time is now.