Feb 8, 2013

In Search of A Good Sound System

I've written here a few weeks back about hubby's love for music and his family's love for videoke and how my sisters-in-law are trying to find a new sound system. It's not only because the neighbors' are much louder than theirs (haha) but it's because their sound system is not working anymore. I just found that out recently. They have ordered a home theater system from brother who sells gadgets and stuff but then my brother said that it's out of stock. Of course, price is a consideration and my brother is giving them a good discount. If  my brother still wouldn't have the product available by next week, I would advice my sisters-in-law to just search for good quality audio system online and to check on new shure mixers for the wireless microphones also to get the most out of their videoke experience. There are many sites online now where you can get quality and affordable audio systems and some are even deliver to the customer's doorsteps. 

I hope they'll be able to get a new sound system soon. My mother-in-law's house is not the same without the sounds of music and melodic voices  (grin) during  weekends. 


  1. Tell them to get the one na mas malakas kesa sa neighbor's lol.

  2. Our family loves music too and I love the happy sounds!


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