Feb 2, 2013

Clinics, Children and Cards

I'm late for my ABC Wednesday post. This week's letter is C. C is for Color Connection too! C defines our week, actually. All this week, I feel that I've been in so many Clinics attending to my Children, one of which got sick middle of the week. Let me tell you our last week of January in pictures. 

1 - Exactly seven days ago, that's Saturday of last week, we went to the hospital to have the sutures/thread of my eldest removed. He tripped the week before that Saturday and had cuts and bruises all over the body, the biggest Cut was on the Chin and so, we had it sutured. He got two stitches on the Chin. Thank God, he did not get infected. The doctor told me that cuts have what they call golden age golden period, they need to be treated and sutured within 24 hours to avoid infection. 

2 -After our visit to the hospital, we went to Church to say a thanksgiving prayer. 

3 - Then, my youngest got sick middle of week. And off we go to another clinic to have him checked. He's better now but still taking antibiotics. You can see in the picture that he's still lively and ready for the camera although he was feverish. 

4 - Over the week, I found this card that was given by an old friend of mine more than 20 years ago. Wow, I suddenly realized how good I am at keeping things. 

To follow are photos of: 

5 - the cake hubby brought home for my birthday.

6 - Today, I went to the hospital again with my eldest. The doctor ordered an EEG and ECG done to him. She was concerned that my eldest falls a lot and trips a lot. And I'm noticing that, too. The last fall he had while playing was pretty nasty. I hope it's nothing, but we have to make sure.

7 - After these two tests, I took him to KFC for his favorite chicken meal. 

I'm tired, drained physically and emotionally. And I'm glad this week is over and that I have time today to write this post. 

And I cannot end this post without saying I'm grateful for something. And for this week, I'm really grateful and thankful for hubby's health Card on which all the health bills were charged . 

Hope next week would be a better one. Thanks a lot for reading and enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. I wish you a pleasant rest and health problems of the family is completely solved.

  2. There's something about surrendering to things, like a series of events or illnesses, that are somewhat beyond our control to change and I find peace and contentment at that place where we yield, be thankful and somehow good will come from it. I like what you shared here because I sense you have a sweet loving, spirit. C is for courage and caring, you're a good mother. Happy Belated B'day!

  3. I'm sorry your children have had so many doctor's visits. I hope things will get better and better. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  4. oh, my! it's really hard watching our kids get sick...hope all is well sis...:)

    dropping by from Color Connection!

  5. I hope that they are feeling well now.
    Thanks for the visit.

    PixelMinded:My ABC Wednesday

  6. I learned a new term: golden age. Appreciate that. Hope your son is now well and keeps from tripping.

    1. sis hazel, i stand corrected, golden period pala. it's me who's getting to the golden age, messing up all these words. :D

  7. Pwede na rin ang golden age hehehe. Glad that the troubles is now in control sis. Thanks for including Color Connection in your Letter C. Take a rest at baka ikaw naman dyan ang mahospital, mahirap na.

    That's one thing great about having a health card. Philhealth p ba yan sis?


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