Jan 18, 2013

Planning to Buy A Guitar for Basti

A few month's ago, I was planning to buy Basti a guitar. This plan came about when, one day, while strolling at the mall, we saw a wonderful guitar store. The two young ones loved the cool guitars! They thought the small ones are guitars for kids their age and I told them those were ukuleles. 

And an idea stuck in my head, why not buy Basti a guitar? Playing the guitar is a great way to pass away the time. Seeing him strumming the guitar is better than seeing him in front of the computer. A guitar is a great companion, don't you think? And it's not that hard to take care of. I'm sure Basti can take care of his own guitar. If, by any chance, any of the strings break, he can always get Guitar Parts at musicians friend or just have the guitar repaired at the local guitar store.

I would love Basti to have a guitar. He still has money left over from his Christmas cash gifts. Maybe in the summer, when school's over and he's not busy anymore with tons of projects and school activities, we'll get him one. Playing the guitar is something he could learn over the long summer days.


  1. That is a very good decision to buy a guitar for your son! My eldest grandson in Australia plays the guitar now for many years and he has a good teacher which helps him to continue playing.
    Thanks for your visit . It is great to have you joining the ABD Wednesday meme. See you next week.

  2. Learning to play a musical instrument is always useful!

  3. That would be awesome to hear your son strum a guitar sis,. I used to know some but with lack of practice for years now, I doubt if I could play a tune lol.


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