Jan 16, 2013

No Time To Shop? Have Your Groceries Delivered to Your Doorstep by DailyErrands.ph!

As a busy work-at-home mom, I always find it hard to choose which I would do first, finished my online task or do my household chores. And I'm sure every work-at-home mom, at one point or another, have had this very same problem. I always wish I have more than 24 hours a day to do all the things I wish to do. It's not easy to multi-task. Sure, I can multi-task when I'm at home, like I wash the dishes while waiting for audios to load. And I make a blogpost while waiting for the dryer to stop spinning. I bloghop while cooking (seriously) and listen to audio files for transcription while doing my scrapbooks.

It's when I have to go outside and run errands and buy groceries that's really killing me (and my back). I find all these activities so time-consuming. I go to the market every morning and I come back 45 minutes later (even an hour if I have so many things to buy) all tired and sweaty and all of my momentum for work gone. And going to the groceries may be fun during weekends, but not when I have a deadline due in 12 hours or so!

Well, there is hope for me and other moms like me who are in the same condition. Have you seen this website yet?  DailyErrands.ph - Why drive to the grocery when your groceries can drive to you?

Isn't this the perfect solution to our problem, mommies? Shopping online as you already know is time-saving and convenient, and having groceries delivered right to our doorsteps in perfect condition is something we've always dreamt about.

About the Company: 
Inspired by Filipino sari-sari store, DailyErrands.ph is a company founded in 2012 by a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs. The company promises cost-efficient, convenient online grocery shopping experience, with fast and efficient delivery.

The Products:

There are thousands of products available on their site waiting to be delivered to your doorsteps with just a few clicks of the mouse :). These products ranges from Food (Canned Goods, Pasta ; Noodles, Chips ; Cookies, Candy ; Chocolate, Condiments, Cereals, Dairy, Sauce, Biscuits, Baby Food);  Beverages (Milk,Softdrinks, Coffee, Juices, Alcoholic Drinks, Energy Drinks,Bottled Water); and Household Items (Personal Hygiene,Cleaning Products, Baby Products, Cigarettes,Lighter). 

How To Order: Just follow these easy and simple steps.

Payment Option: It's COD! No need to worry about your credit cards or payment information online!

To know more about DailyErrands.ph, please visit www.dailyerrands.ph
Payment Option, Order Processing Terms, Delivery Assurance and other details can be found HERE.

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I would really love to use this service! As some of you already know, because of my back condition, I cannot lift heavy objects so it's always the hubby who do the groceries for us. I believe that more and more people - work-at-home moms, busy single and working moms -- will find this site very useful in the future.


  1. I am very glad to know about this. This will be a great help esp in the harsh traffic condition in Metro Manila. This will definitely be a big help to families and can save big on gas consumption and time.

  2. Wow! that's a great site. but I like to go in store to look around and window shop.

  3. This would be perfect for me since I still don't have my driver's license yet.. I'm a full-time SAHM, and sometimes, there are instances when I need something right away but couldn't get it, and I have to wait till my hubby gets off work.. I think there's something like that here in the US, I just am not aware of it..

  4. wow, did not know about this availability in pinas, this would be great when you indeed have no time to shop yet needed something urgent and you are in between deadlines.

  5. Wow ha, sosyalin na din ang bansa natin hehehe. That is a great option especially for you.

    Sis can't find the page ypu want me to like. Sowi, asan ba yun hehehe..

    1. I hope na maging okay na yang karamdama mo sis..

  6. Wow!!!! What convenience! I would love to try Daily Errands. :)

  7. now this idea is really awesome...sounds like having your own butler...ehehe!

  8. followed na yung FB page and Twitter account.

  9. Online ordering and delivery at one's fingertips always make the shopping so easy breezy. I do that often and yes, it is so convenient!

  10. This is one great business to do, all those parents who are busy and have less time to visit the grocery store should do this. it will make things easier for them... good luck and hope it will do great...

  11. This is definitely a convenient option for mothers who are so pressed for time like most of us.

  12. This sounds great! I hope this will be available in the provinces, too.

  13. I'm glad the concept has finally reached the Philippines. here in the desert, they will deliver everything on your doorstep - COD. It's perfect for busy Mom's and bachelors who simply don't have time to drop by the busy hypermarket.

    I avail the service every week and I have more free time on my hands to pursue other interests.Saves me on cab fare too

  14. Wow, this is cool! Didn't know we now have one here. Thank you for sharing! :)


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