Jan 21, 2013

Love for Music

My hubby is not only artistically inclined but musically inclined as well. He has a beautiful voice (am not bragging, just saying) and he loves to sing. Their past time as a family when he was still single was to sing with a karaoke. Now, they love singing with videokes and whenever they get together during fiestas, birthdays and other special occasions, there's sure to be a lot of  singing and belting out. Last I've heard, my sisters-in-law plan to buy a new sound system because the neighbor's sound system is louder than theirs, haha. I hope they buy a vocopro uhf-5805 at guitar center too because a wireless microphone would be so convenient for them. The kids would not trip on the wire of  the microphone too while they are playing in the living room. Also, their old one's not that good anymore. 

Singing with videokes and karaokes is a great family bonding. This is one family activity that I do not want my kids to miss. Good thing they're always at their grandma's house so they get to sing a song or two, too. Me, I'm always off-key so I sing only in the bathroom. :) Good thing that my boys have inherited their father's love for music and voice as well.


  1. I bet your boys will have their Dad's trait sis!

  2. Oh wow! Naku kung kantahan sa videoke palaban ako jan! Hahaha. Seriously. Magkakasundo kami ng hubby mo. At magkakaaway sa agawan ng Mic. Lol. So, i wanna know who among your boys got the talent? Im sure you sing too!

  3. We always sang as a family and loved it. It is a great way to bond.


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