Jan 9, 2013

Kids in Doodles: The Last of Our Christmas Photos


These are the last of our Christmas photos. I couldn't resist sharing them with everyone, especially after seeing Jared's Christmas photos at Kids In Doodles. Don't know Jared? You should, he's such an adorable little man. And you could join us every week too at Kids In Doodles. You can share with us any photos or experiences of your, well, kids by clicking on the badge above.

Here's my Simon on Christmas day. We went to SM and spent the day there and the two other kids went home with their grandmother while Simon went home with us. We dropped by the church and Simon was so cooperative posing for the cam. This was his best shot that day. 

And here are some photos of things the kids saw in our neighborhood during the Christmas season. The one below are Christmas lights that adorned our streets. The kids find this so cool. Like Star Wars they said. :)

And these are the Christmas lanterns that they've seen in the small Christmas Lantern Market at our place.

The night before Christmas (Christmas eve) we went to church. The trees around the church were adorned with white lanterns. What a beautiful sight!

And so, these are the last of the Christmas photos. Hope you all like them. Have a great Wednesday everyone. Happy Wednesday Whites, too!


  1. That Belen reminds me of my childhood sis hehehe

  2. I love the last photo :) Happy Wednesday Whites and happy new year, too! :)

  3. This is what we don't have here in Canada! I miss this (a lot)! It's our first Christmas away from the Philippines and it's so much different here. Anyway, I haven't joined KIDs for some time now. So it's Wednesdays already? it used to be Monday. thanks for dropping by my blog mommy Mai!!! :-)

  4. I think it's still Monday, mom Pinx. I'm just super late, hahaha.

  5. aww, shucks! thanks so much, tita mai! ^_^

    those are really lovely christmas photos, it will really such a shame not to share them here even when christmas has been over for some time. i love the star-strewn tree! :)

    thanks for joining k.i.d + see you again soon! :)

  6. wow, beautiful Christmas photos! Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites,sis!


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