Jan 27, 2013

Kids In Doodles: Cash Gifts

Happy Sunday, everyone! I'm just making a quick post here for Kids In Doodles. Hope you could join and have fun with us. Today, we're talking about Christmas gifts!

My kids received a lot of cash gifts. They received more cash than toys from generous uncles and aunts and ninongs and ninangs. And it is really great receiving cash gifts. Cash gifts are gifts of choice. With cash gifts, we were able to buy them things they really want and things they need. Below, you can see some of what we bought for them: Kuya Basti's headset, a USB car mouse for their computer, mugs, some pencils, two sets of nice pencil cases with Plants versus Zombies which they super duper love, a Ben 10 bag for Sam (super worth it), a 12-piece set of towels for their backs (just an afterthought while shopping). (The chocolate sticks in the picture are just pasalubong, lol). These things were bought with what they want (and what they would want) in mind.

And  these three below the main picture are their most favorite toy gifts: From left to right, Plants Versus Zombies stuff toy which are gifts from me and hubby to the two younger boys; Simon's ninang dropped by and gave him the ala-Lego race car that we pieced together unsuccessfully; and the blocks that Simon got at Sam's Christmas party. 

Other things Basti was able to buy with his cash gifts were K-Zone mags. He decided to share his blessings by buying some for his classmates as a belated Christmas gifts. Basti and Sam also asked for eye masks and we bought them some cute ones but they didn't use them because they don't fit right. And we added two books to our bedtime book collections and hoping to add more (now, I can't find those books with all the mess in our house). We have bought so many things for them already and there are still some gift cash leftover that we are holding for safekeeping for the kids (wink, wink). 

Overall, it was a great Christmas for the kids. The kids were very happy to receive their gifts and the happy looks on their faces were priceless. The kids were happy and we feel so blessed, that's all that matters.  Thanks so much, ninangs and ninongs, titos and titas, family and friends for your generosity!  I am wishing that next year, we will be able to give back so much more than what we have received this year.

Now, it's your turn to share! What have you received this Christmas? What have your kids received? Head on over to Kids In Doodles and share with us what you've got!


  1. That is so thoughtful of Basti to share his Christmas gifts to his friends. The people in hubby's home is not big on the spirit of Christmas because it is also his father's birthday, so parang agaw eksena. But we still go to Christmas mass then have Noche Buena after then the opening of the gifts. We only gave her 3 gifts and nothing from the in-laws. :( But I think she still love the few gifts she received, a Strawberry Shortcake doll house, a word speller and a mini Hello Kitty candy dispenser. :D

    1. i'm sure she's happy with those gifts. after all, it's not the quantity that matters but the love and happy thoughts that go with those gifts.

  2. that's a lot of loot you got out of your cash gifts! way to go! :)

    i did not receive a lot of cash gifts last christmas, but i did get a gift voucher from one of my ninongs which we used to buy my new red die-cast. mum said she will pay for the gift voucher + deposit the corresponding amount to my savings account :)

    thanks for joining + hope to see you again next time!


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