Jan 6, 2013

Happy Three Kings Day!!!

It's Sunday, January 6th, Three Kings Day here in Manila. Today marks the end of  the Christmas season, of  the very long Christmas season, here in the Philippines (they say it starts as soon as the Ber-months sets in).

my last attempt to post Christmas 2012 photos :)
Christmas in the Philippines is great and even made more special due to the presence of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) coming home from different parts of the world. Most of these OFWs had been absent for the whole year and even years working hard abroad,  making a living for their families. Christmas is more special when they come home and the whole family is complete.

I cannot imagine spending Christmas without my hubby beside me and the kids. And that is why I really admire those OFWs and their wives/hubbies for their sacrifices. I salute all OFWs all over the world who are earning a living as domestic helpers, engineers, nurses, skilled laborers and who endure being away from their families to provide them a good future. Most especially, I salute all our seamen who takes on crystal cruises jobs and jobs at tankers and cargo ships. I'm sure their lives are exciting - going around the world, seeing different exotic places and foreign cities, braving the sea, and experiencing so many things during their travels they wouldn't have a chance to experience back home, plus being able to work with people of different nationalities - but they too miss their families. Many of hubby's cousins and my brother-in-law actually work in cruise ships so I know how it is for the families left behind and for the seamen abroad.

 And so to end the Christmas season, I would like to greet all of you a Happy Three Kings Day! To all bloggers, friends and family all over the world, esp. in the Middle East, UK, Southeast Asia, US and in all the cruise ships and liners out there, I'm wishing you a prosperous and happy year ahead! 


  1. What a beautiful post, so heartfelt and wonderful! I'm so blessed we found one another online. Wishing you JOY this new year!

  2. Your post is so thoughtful and and appreciative. Thank you for visiting my spot and Happy Three Kings day to your family. Sunny

  3. thanks for joining sis on the group.. i so love your three kings post...

  4. You have a grateful heart sis! I admire OFWs as well, they make sacrifices just to give their family a better life even if it meant struggles for them everyday.


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