Dec 26, 2012

Free Personalized Video Message For Your Child from Santa

Today I'm spending some time creating a personalized message from Santa for my kids. Last year, I discovered through other mommy bloggers the Portable North Pole. With the PNP, you can send your child a personalized video message from Santa. I assure you your kids would love it! My two kids, Simon and Sam, held their breath in anticipation last year as they await the elves' verdict if they've been good or bad. Santa's mere mention of their names seems to tickle them and there were lots of giggles and laughs all around. This year, Santa's message will make more sense to Sam, because he's really been doing well in school and had been working extra to finish all his assignments, plus he's now familiar with the geographic location and shape of the Philippines on the map. 

It's very easy to do. It only took me a few minutes filling up the form. They will ask if the child has been good or bad, the child's special task for the year that he/she has accomplished, the gift Santa would be delivering to him/her and some other details, most of which would be incorporated in Santa's message. Personally, I like Santa's message video last year more than the one I have just created. I have no doubt though that my kids would love these video messages. Santa never fails to brighten up any kid's day and bring Christmas Cheer to everyone. 

And with this, from my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Dec 10, 2012

12/08/2012 - Photo A Day Challenge : GREEN & YUMMY

It's already the 10th here, and I'm posting the photo for December 8th. I suddenly got an audio file to work on that I needed to submit in 48 hours, so I stayed away from my blogs over the weekend. I wish though I could stay away from Facebook that long. :D I'm going to make a two-in-one post today.

December 8 prompt: Yummy  and December 9 prompt: Green

So my post today is YUMMY and GREEN:

What is yummy and green for me? Lunch of  rice and red salted eggs with ripe tomatoes, and okra dipped in soy sauce and calamansi.A classic Filipino meal.

Salted red eggs are duck eggs preserved by curing in brine solutions for a number of days. It's sold already boiled and can be partnered with red tomatoes for a guaranteed mouth watering meal. If you want to know more about salted eggs, or how to make your own salted eggs in brine solution, try this link HERE

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Dec 8, 2012

12/07/2012 - Photo-A-Day Challenge: Flashback

Word Prompt of the Day: FLASHBACK

My mind flashes back to my first time in Tagaytay, the highest point of elevation in the province of Cavite here in the Philippines. It was in 1996 and we were on a company outing. It was also my first outing with hubby who was just then an officemate. 

Now, sixteen years later, I was able to go back to the site where we had our first picnic. Where else but Picnic Grove.The Picnic Grove of today is not anymore the Picnic Grove I remember. I remember rolling hills and lots and lots of grass. I did not see that two weeks ago when we were there. It may be because of some stores and structures that had sprung up all over the place. Either that or I was looking in the wrong direction or might have been too preoccupied watching over my son as he dashed to the zipline area with his classmates. (Of course, I did not let him try the zipline.)

One thing did not change though, the magnificent view of Taal Volcano. 

They also added a zip line for the adventurous soul. And this wonderful walkway from one zipline station to the other. 

Now, these are two photos: one for December Photo A Day Challenge and for my very first entry to Shadow Shot Sunday. 

Dec 7, 2012

12/06/2012 Photo-A-Day Challenge: One

We are reading a new book this week called "Wow, There's A Baby in Mommy's Tummy!" In our native language, "Aba, May Baby sa Loob ng T'yan ni Mommy!" It's a story of  a little girl who is going to be a big sister and who learned a lot of things by asking questions about her baby brother/sister. She is excited about the birth of her new sibling. The book talks about the baby's condition inside the mother's womb, how the baby lays there and how the baby eats. My two little ones still don't have any idea what an umbilical cord is. It took a little bit of explaining because one question lead to another and the answers lead to more questions. And then, I remembered I have Simon's birth photos. 

This is Simon on Day ONE:

 Simon's umbilical cord being cut

The book that we are reading right now was Basti's (my eldest) book.We used to read it every night when I was pregnant with Sam. If you're looking for something that would help you prepare you child to the arrival of a new baby, this is one book you should look for. It helped Basti get used to the idea of a new baby in the family. It's in Tagalog and in English, by the way. Available at leading bookstores and at OMF Literature.

This is Day 6 of  Mama Making Changes Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012! 

Dec 6, 2012

12/05/12 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Decorate

It's Christmas! Let's decorate!

In our house, we haven't decorated yet. Which is odd because it's just a few days before Christmas. Last year, we decorated as early as November. This year, I don't think we'll be putting up a Christmas tree. We have arranged the pieces of furniture around the house and there's no space for the big Christmas tree. But it doesn't mean that we're less cheery and it doesn't mean we won't be celebrating Christmas at all. We are still feeling the Christmas spirit. With the three children in the house, who wouldn't? What we'll do this year and I'm planning to do this this weekend is to have the whole family engaged in decorating the house sans the Christmas tree. Hubby wanted to have the old CDs turned into a Christmas decoration. I already checked Pinterest and already saw some great projects. We'll have Christmas decors, wreaths, Christmas lanterns or what here in the Philippines is called parol.All the trimming of last year's Christmas tree will be turned into something else. Wish us luck on this weekend project or ours!

My first DIY Snowman
I already started on this snowman. This is actually Basti's project. He helped me make the top hat and I bought the styro balls and the plastic eyes, picked up some twigs and presto, I have a snowman! Thanks to my glue gun, by the way. This snowman will be coming home to us after Basti's Christmas party and so I'm planning to make two smaller versions for the two younger kids. They got sad when we told them we have to send this snowman to Basti's school.

 This is my Day 5th post for the Mama Making Changes Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012! Just click on the badge at the sidebar to visit other participants or to join us. It never to late to join!  

I am also linking this up to our sweet pal's meme: 


Workshop for Manila Moms: Yes Mommy (How to Talk So Your Child will Listen and Understand)

A must-go event that you, mommies in Manila, shouldn't miss. 

"Yes Mommy: How to Talk so your Child will Listen and Understand" 


About the Yes Mommy Workshop
Jayme Gatbonton is the mom behind Optimommy, a blog about positive parenting and intentional motherhood. She is blessed to be called "Mommy" by two girls, 5 - year old Jamaine and 4 - year old Kalia. After working in TV production for 9 years, she gave up her dream to be a newscaster so she can devote more time to her lifetime career: being mom. She underwent training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and became a freelance workshop facilitator. She is now a Mass Communications teacher, blogger and part time work at home mom.Jayme is passionate about raising children with love, patience and positivity. Her "heart work" lies in encouraging and empowering moms to fulfill their life's passions while raising a loving family.

At "Yes Mommy" she will talk about practical tips and tools to build a foundation of good communication with our young children. Topics include:
  • Self Talk for Mommies: Why positive communication begins with you
  • How to understand your child’s personality
  • How to adjust your communication style based on your child’s personality
  • The Three Elements of Positive Communication: Crucial factors to encourage your children to listen and understand
  • How to say "no" by saying "yes"

In this network, you'll also gain:
  • Tools to start your day with calmness and intention
  • Patience in dealing with your children
  • Resources to communicate persuasively
  • A  network of like minded moms who can give encouragement and support

These topics are really helpful for mommies like us. Who doesn't need extra help and motivation, right? If you find all of these interesting and helpful, please do join us and sign up through this form.

Event details: Date: Saturday, December 15, 2012 / Time: 9:00 am to 4:45 pm
Venue: COWO - Ground Floor, Suntree Tower, #27 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Rates:  Regular rate of Php 1,400 / participant
- Early bird rate of Php 1,200 / participant (PAID before Dec. 1, 2012 or via until Dec. 10)
- Group discount of Php 1,000 for 3 or more participants

*Lunch and afternoon snack are included/ Payment may be via or deposit to a UnionBank or BPI Account or via Paypal (Please add Php 50 for Paypal charges).

And as a special gift to our readers and would-be participants, pay only P500.00 by using our coupon code "OptimommyM3B" upon sign-up. What a great earlyChristmas gift! So see you there?

Dec 5, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge: It's so cold!

Day 4 of December Photo-A-Day Challenge: It's So cold! 

The past couple of days it's been cold in this part of the world. That's because of the typhoon, Pablo (international name: Bopha). Prior to the typhoon, it felt like summer here in Manila. But now, it's getting colder as December days go by.  It will be so cold in January or February, but not so much during December, unless there's a storm like this one.

Yesterday, I went out of the house to buy materials for my eldest's  snowman project. The sun is high in the sky but it's hidden by the clouds so dark. It felt like there was an eclipse.

My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the typhoon Pablo, in the southern part of the country. My prayers are with them. There was a time when there's a typhoon and there's a super typhoon. Now, because of the devastation each typhoon brings, it seems there's no difference anymore. Such is what the wrath of nature brings. We brought it upon ourselves.

Let me end this post before it becomes too sad a post. Let me greet each one of you a Happy Wednesday! I'm on the fourth day of the blog hop and I'm loving it. Hopefully, next year, I'll join a 365-day challenge.

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Dec 4, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop Day 3: RED

Today's word prompt is:

Gosh, I am so late for the December 3rd post. Sister and I went to the computer store yesterday where she bought her new computer to have it fixed. Imagine that! When sister came home and scanned her new computer Sunday, she found some virus and a few malwares. Quite scary. I accompanied her and stood there waiting while the technician reformat the hard drive and installed brand new softwares. And before we went home, I asked the technician to scan the newly reformatted drive for viruses. Oh gosh, it's full of viruses again and we haven't even left the store. Believe me, I saw RED and almost went into a fight with the store staff. We asked for a refund of the installation fee and told them to erase everything on the hard drive and we'll install everything ourselves, with our own installers. I can't get over the fact that their installer was infected. You'd definitely see RED in a situation like that, won't you?

Oh, the photo.
I actually have a photo of the store and all, but only on my cellphone and I can't find the USB cable. It's funny how things go missing when you need them.
So let me share with you this photo of my friend's wedding cake. The motif of the wedding is red and I never thought that red could be so beautiful until that wedding day.

the red and white cake. hmmm, someone can't wait to take a bite. i hope those are not my kid's prints

I'm also linking this post to one of my favorite memes Wednesday Whites

Mama Making Changes is sponsoring the Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012! Each day of December, participants will be posting a photo base on the word prompt for the day. Hope you all visit the other participants! And if you're a blogger, we'd love to have you join us, just visit Mama Making Changes blog for details! Just click on the badge at my sidebar.

Dec 3, 2012

December Wii U Giveaway! Open Worldwide!

First off, thank you so much to all readers who joined the November Wii U Giveaway! Hope one of you who entered from this blog wins. :) And for those who won't be so lucky, here's another chance to win a Wii U Console with Wii U GamePad Controller! This time, this giveaway would be open worldwide. Residents outside of the US will receive a $300 Amazon Gift Card! So good luck, everyone!

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Wii U GamePad Controller
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One lucky reader will receive a Wii U Console with Wii U GamePad Controller!

!Giveaway ends December 30th at 11:59pm, open to worldwide {residents outside of the US will receive a $300 Amazon Gift Card}, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck

Dec 2, 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012: 2012 Event I won't forget

Mama Making Changes is sponsoring a Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012! Each day of December, participants will be posting a photo base on the word prompt for the day. Head on over to her blog to get to know other participants. Today's word prompt is

  2012 Event I won't forget

Cuyab Hot Spring Resort

We went swimming in one of the hot spring resorts in Laguna, here in the Philippines to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. My kids and I had so much fun! But it was not the fun that made it so memorable and unforgettable. It was the day that my eldest son suddenly collapsed before my very eyes. He was standing right beside me and we were getting ready to go home, and the next thing I knew, he was on the cemented floor. We had to bring him to the hospital. The doctor said it was over fatigue. I didn't sleep well for a couple of weeks because I was watching him while he sleeps. I was that traumatized by the experience.

That day brought me a realization, a realization that everything can be taken away from us in an instant. And that realization actually made me more appreciative of the people around me and of the people I love. I appreciate and treasure every moment I am with them. I live each day as it comes with my children. I begun to listen more and try to be with them more.  Everyday starts with I love you's and ends with a prayer of thanks for all the blessings that God is providing us everyday. 

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Dec 1, 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012: SMILE

I am joining Mama Making Changes's Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012! Each day of December, we will be posting a photo base on the word prompt for that day. I'm joining this blog hop not only because I noticed I haven't posting as much as I should on my kids' blog and I've been posting a lot of giveaways stuff, but also I love the list of prompts :). We're going to have fun on this hop, so bloggers come join us! Readers, enjoy the hop! Click on the badge above to see other participants.!

The word for today, December 1st, is :


this little boy's smile never fails to brighten my day! 

One of my little men just had a haircut a few weeks ago and he's loving his new haircut. He smiled for the camera and made some funny faces. Happiness is what I see right there. 

I'm also linking this post to the regular weekly meme I participate in, Kids in Doodles!