May 30, 2012

Making My Own Party Invitations

There are so many things that I am learning from my digital scrapbooking software. Aside from making Facebook profile banners, scrapbooks of our photos, blog headers and sidebar widgets, I have recently tried to make an invitation card for my niece's birthday. It was fun choosing from designs and combining colors just to come up with a good birthday invitation. It is time consuming though. The birthday invitation I made was never used because the parents decided to just hold a simple party at their house with the neighborhood kids. No worries, I turned it into a scrap kit instead. 

Looking at my "creation", I can say that although it is beautiful (in my eyes at least), it is nowhere near the professionally made invitations I've seen or been sent before. I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to design and color combination. I looked at Creations By Leslie for inspiration. Creation By Leslie has a lot of professionally designed invitations for all occasions and they all look so good. 

When hubby and I were married, we actually made all the preparations for our wedding. By the time we were married, we've learned so much preparing our own that we wanted to be wedding planners. That plan never materialized because we were so busy with our respective jobs. But now, I can't help ask myself "what if?" I feel I'm being gently push towards that direction and towards people who are events planner and party coordinators. Making party invitations is just part of the whole events planning industry. If ever I venture into that business, I wouldn't have any problem sourcing for a wedding photographer because my brother is one and a good one at that. 

I've done a wedding invitation three months ago. Now, I'll be working on creating great-looking birthday party invitations, just like the ones I see on Creations By Leslie. And why not baby shower invitations too? I have so many friends who are pregnant, why not have them as my first 'clients'. 

With all these new ideas, my head is filled with possibilities. Oh, didn't I tell you I chose the design for my niece's cake also? I'll post about that next time. I'm excited for tomorrow because I'll actually get to see my niece's cake with my chosen design on it. 

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!

May 24, 2012

Finding The Perfect Gift for My Niece

Despite throbbing back pain, I'd be going out to the mall to place an order for a cake for my niece's birthday. My niece (through my hubby's side) is such a cutie and so adorable! We love her to pieces. As you all know, I haven't blessed with a girl. But I don't mind so much because we have her in the family. She's so smart and always manage to make me laugh whenever I visit my mother-in-law's house. She's the star of the family and her name is Janelle. 

Everyone is trying to find the perfect gift for her. She's at that age, 2, where she's very expressive. I'm sure she would have a blast on her birthday seeing all the gifts that she'll be receiving. I wish I could give her more than a cake. Like dolls perhaps. I've seen some really cute porcelain dolls for baby online but I was wondering if she'd be too young for that. But I was thinking too that her mom would love the porcelain dolls collection. I am wanting one particular doll which you can see HERE.

It's really hard for me to find the perfect gift for my niece, since my kids are all boys. My head swims whenever I'm surrounded with pink and cute girly stuff and I can't decide and want to buy them all, LOL. Hubby and I decided on the cake instead. I have already decided on a Barbie themed customized cake. And off I go to order one! I'm so excited for her birthday!!!

My Slipped Disc and Why I Have Been MIA Lately

I haven't been posting a lot lately - except for big giveaways for my readers. Not as much as I used to, anyway. And it's not just because of my transcription work. It's because of my back pain. Last week, I had undergone an MRI and it turn out I have slipped disc. Slipped disc is the condition of the spine where the disc between the bones rupture and the protective gel leaks out and protrude or bulges to the connective tissues. The doctor told me to take a lot of rest and to refrain from heavy lifting and sudden movements or other movements that would worsen my condition. I need to wear sacro lumbar braces whenever I'm sitting down in front of the computer for support and to hold my posture. 

So right now, I can't do much housework. I can do some laundry but I have to be standing up. It's a good thing I have my good old washing machine. Even washing the dishes is becoming an ordeal. My house is becoming a mess. I can't use the broom for sweeping the floors because that would mean I had to bend over. And bending over is painful. I wish I have miele home vacuum cleaners, the upright ones that can be used on smooth floors. I don't know how heavy they are but that I know that would help me a lot to at least clean the house. Plus I know my young men will have fun with it, as they always do on everything inside the house. I am finding ways to reorganize my house and my life in light of this new development. 

It's a good thing that school's out. I cannot imagine my day on school's opening day. I have two kids who'll be going to school. I decided that Simon will have to wait a little longer to go to formal school given my situation and given the new K12 system and given that he's just three. I am going to homeschool him for now. 

So in case, my mommy friends, you're wondering why I have been missing in action in memes and everything else except giveaways, this is the answer. I cannot stay long sitting down on the computer and the time I have to spend on it would have to be for work. Once the volume of work has dwindled, I'll be going back to the blogosphere and will be visiting each one of you back. So be patient for me, OK, guys? 

On a brighter note, now, more than ever, I am grateful that I have an online work and I have my blogs. Given this situation, I know I'd be so lost if I didn't have both, if I have an 8 to 5 job instead. God works in mysterious ways, don't you think? Have a great week, everyone! Thank you for stopping by!

May 22, 2012

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May 8, 2012

Ride The Tide Into Summer Giveaway!!!


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May 5, 2012

$3000 Disney Cruise Giveaway - May 21 to June 18

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May 4, 2012

Chasing Bubbles

When we went swimming two weeks ago, the kids had so much fun in the cool waters of the swimming pools and in the almost hot/warm waters of the hot springs at Cuyab Hot Springs Resort in Laguna. 

But not only did they had fun IN the water, they had so much fun OUT of the water, too. They had so much fun blowing and chasing bubbles! In between swimming sessions, they chased after bubbles. Even their 2-year old cousin was busy going after the bubbles the two boys were making. 


What I loved about the area where our cottage was located is that there's so much open space.The kids were running around like they've been let loose from cages, LOL.

It was a fun day for us, but something really bad happened to Basti when we're about to go home. He fainted and was brought to the hospital. No worries, he went home okay later that night. But I got to tell you, I've experienced the scariest moment of my life. I will blog about that later when I already can. Right now, I'm not ready yet to relive the moment.

Until then, have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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May 2, 2012

Kids In Doodles: For The Love of Spongebob

It's amazing how TV ads can push a child into action. And it's amazing how enticing, how attractive and how lovable SpongeBob is to children. 

One day, the McDonald's newest Happy Meal ad was shown on TV and my kids we're like, "Oh, wow!" complete with squeals and little happy jigs. Then they asked me to take them to McDo and buy them Happy Meal toys. And I tell you, that was very rare. They don't usually asked to be taken to Jollibee or McDonald's just for a toy. They would ask to, just for a burger or a their spaghetti meal sometimes, but not because of the toys. And since this is something rare, and the kids were really excited to buy these cute toys, off we went to the nearest McDonald's in our area a few weeks ago. 

I was disappointed with the size. They are definitely too small. But it did not matter anymore. The kids are happy. Just look at my Sam's face, that's pure happiness.

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