Mar 26, 2012

Just Thankful


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This is my new Facebook banner on my personal account. This pretty much summarizes what I'm happy about and what I'm thankful for everyday : FAMILY. 

First off, let me congratulate my little boy Sam, yes, again. I made a separate post for him HERE. Please feel free to visit and congratulate him on his graduation. :)

Aside from Sammie's graduation, I am thankful for so many things, though it had been a difficult week for us. Sam had fever Friday of last, last week until Monday morning last week despite being checked by the doctor Friday and despite taking in meds all throughout that weekend. Took him to the hospital and they admitted him in for monitoring of DFS (Dengue Fever Syndrome). He's fine now. We've been out of the hospital since Thursday and Sam's his usual busy self. 

There's so many things I'm thankful about with this whole experience and let me list them down:
  • I am thankful that Sam got well soon enough and his illness did not progress to DFS. 
  • I am thankful for my family who took care of my other two boys while we were at the hospital. 
  • I am thankful and proud that my Sam had been very brave and had endured all those painful blood tests, and the dextrose attached to him. 
  • I am thankful for the moments spent with Sam in the hospital, just the two of us staring at each other, listening to music and reading that Children's Bible I featured a few posts back. 
  • I am thankful for my hubby who had to work and had to still go to the hospital to check on us. 
  • I am thankful for my Simon and Basti who were good boys while mom was away. 
  • I am thankful for PhilHealth for slashing down our hospital bill to almost half. :)

Above photo was taken the day Sam came home. I was teary eyed to see my boys together again, playing their favorite online games, huddled in front of the computer like nothing happened. Simon was so happy to see Sam again that he hugged and kissed him as soon as we entered the door. 

How about you guys? What are you thankful for these days? 

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Mar 25, 2012

Congrats Sammie!

mommy moments

My big boy, Sam, graduated this March from the learning center. We hope to send him to formal school next school year. Hopefully, he'll be in first grade. He was not able to go to graduation ceremony because he was in the hospital. But that is fine with us. What matters was that he was able to complete this year with flying colors. He is one of the best in Math in his class. Below is his grad pictorial.

I am so proud of my little boy. He has gone such a long way. Some of you know already that he has speech delay and because of that and so many other reasons, we had to delay his schooling too. This year, Sam had shown so much progress emotionally, speech-wise and in interacting with other children. We can say that he is ready for the big school.

I am thankful for my sister in law and my mother in law who take care of Sam everyday while he's at school. He stays with them during the week and comes home to us during the weekend. I give them all the credit for all that Sam has achieved this year because they are the one who were there for him everyday. Knowing that my Sam had finished and completed this school year was enough to compensate for all the times I've missed him.It was all worth it. Congratulations, Sammie! We love you so much!!! 

The Enchanted Blog Award

It was March 20th, 2012.I was at the hospital because Sam's confined for possible Dengue Fever. (Thank God, it was not dengue after all. We're fine now. He's out of the hosp since Thursday.)  Anyway, I was at the hospital with nothing to do but wait. Wait for doctor's and nurses' instructions, wait for Sam to wake up, wait for Sam to get well. Everybody's asleep and I was not sleepy at all. I thought about my blog and remembered I haven't posted about The Enchanted Blog Award Rona gave me. How forgetful of me! There was another one that I forgot to post and I needed to find where that is. So I decided to make a draft of Rona's Enchanted Award on paper.  Thanks Rona, or Ning,  for that award. I'm drawn to happy people and so I'm really glad to find you and other happy bunch of people online. 

As a receiver of this award, I am bound to tell you seven things about me, and here goes:
  1. Like Rona, I'm a frustrated dancer. Worse, I can't sing. Oh, wait, I can sing but usually off key. 
  2. Bowling is the only sports I know and dared to play. :)
  3. I have low tolerance for pain 
  4. Since my pain tolerance level is low, all my kids are delivered 'painless'. 
  5. I have learned not to expect much from people. When you don't have expectations, you don't get disappointed. 
  6. Having no expectations, I can also give without expecting anything in return. Once I give something, it's all yours, you don't have to explain what you do with it. 
  7. Last, and you can laugh, I'm a die hard fan of John Lloyd and Sarah G love team. :)
Coming up with the seven things you don't know about me was harder than I thought, lol. So KM, it's okay if you don't do the seven things anymore. 

Tagging Lainy Mae, Mum Vix, Mom Jess, Rovie, KM, Rose Cottrill, Techie She and Mommy Chris with this award! Hope you could spread the love!

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Mar 15, 2012

Drawings, Drawings and More Drawings

Drawing is the activity that kept my kids occupied the past week. Simon really loves to draw and doodle but he hasn't done any for such a long time. Until last week. Here's the background of the drawing that you'll see below: 

My littlest boy went through a "I don't wanna take a bath" phase. He resisted every effort that we exerted to bathe him to the point that bath time had been synonymous to stress time. One day, I told him a story about a little boy who wouldn't want to take a bath. At the time same time I drew. He did not seem interested. Then a few hours after, he asked for a pen and paper, and I saw him busy doodling. Here's what I saw after:

I asked him what each drawing means. I really don't know what the horse has to do with the whole resistance to taking a bath thing. I'll have you know that he never slipped, not even once, on a slippery floor. I am so glad we are over the "I don't wanna take a bath phase." One morning, he just announced that he's ready to take a bath. Yipee!!!!

Simon also knows how to write now. Of course, he consults our alphabet wall once in a while but he's the one who do all the writing. Here's an example:

Sam, on the other hand, had taken keen interest on PAINT. The MS Paint that we have on our computer. I so wanted to give him a better experience on this new interest so I searched for a kiddie drawing tool. We discovered Tux Paint. It's a cool software/application and Sam and Simon love it.

Here's Sam's drawing. I was doing my Orange Tuesdays' round when he insisted on using Tux Paint but only for a short while. Sitting on my lap, we made this little painting, so cute! :  

He typed his name by the way. I selected what to put in and he did all the clicking. So cool, I could totally make a header out of this.

And here's Simon's work. He made this out of the shapes that are available. 

My kids love Tux Paint. I'm sure your kids will too.


Mar 6, 2012

There's Something For Everyone At

Yes, there's something for everyone at Or even better, there's something for everyone at Orlando, Florida. That's what I have just discovered recently. I mean, Orlando, Florida has never been in my list of top travel destinations. This list, I need to tell you, is more of a wish list because I don't have the budget to travel yet, truth to tell. But if ever my family would be given a chance to travel to any destination of choice outside of my home country, I would definitely choose Orlando, Florida. Why?

There are lots of reasons why. I'm sure we would never run out of things to do in Orlando. For one, my kids would go crazy at Walt Disney World and Legoland. The movie addict in me would totally enjoy Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter . And who wouldn't love gazing into the marine animals and plants and being one with nature at SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica and Discovery Cove?  Not yet convinced? How does Ripley's Believe It Or Not and Kennedy Space Center sound to you.? Orlando, Florida also has among its tourist attractions Holyland (a recreation of the city of Jerusalem) and Gatorland, home to thousands of alligators and crocodiles. 

 If I'm going to Orlando, like any other families, Walt Disney World would be our first stop. I wouldn't know where to stay. Good thing has all this information on their site. I would have to go online and check Hotels near Disney World and I'm sure I can find there the best hotels that can give me and my family great accommodations at a family-friendly price. 

Walt Disney World and all those places that I mentioned above are just a partial list of where to go to in Orlando. Can be overwhelming for a first timer or even for those who've been there before. I would recommend then, if you're planning to go to Orlando, Florida, check out for great travel packages to maximize your stay. There's something for everyone at

Mar 5, 2012

Kids In Doodles: Model

My little Simon loves dressing up. He loves pretend plays as well. Some days, he's a policeman. Other days, he's a side car driver. Most of  the time, he's a super hero. He could be Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. 

But on this day, he's a model. 
He said so himself. 

Pretend plays enhances a child's social, emotional, thinking and language skills according to an article I read online. You can view the full article HERE. 

Kids In Doodles

Mar 4, 2012

Missing Being In A Call Center

I miss working in a call center. The last account that I handled was billing for a dating site and music subscription site. And it was a really fun account because the customers are kind of laid back and not as irate as the other accounts that I handled before. These are services that just fall into the 'want' category and not in the 'need' category anyway.

In that account, we also have a sports subscription - high school and college sports. But I don't handle those. Good thing because I'm not into sports that much. All I know is that sports enthusiasts are willing to pay money to know everything, any news (real time that is) about their favorite sports team. Sometimes they ask where to buy tickets also. My office mates have all that information, they are usually directed to a certain site. I didn't care to ask. But I just learned recently that has college sports and game tickets UTEP Miners Valparaiso Crusaders and the Vanderbilt Commodores basketball and football seating. If I hadn't resign, this college sports service that my account had would probably the next thing I would have handled and I would be one telling customer to check out the site for utep miners tickets, valparaiso crusaders tickets, and vanderbilt commodores tickets.

I miss working in a call center. I miss the people, young and old. I don't miss the night shift, I can do that at home. I do that at home, a lot. I miss the pay. I miss the camaraderie and yet, I can't see myself going back. I can't say I won't. One thing I learned in life is to not say never to anything.  Hope by the time I decide to come back to the industry, it's still flourishing like it is now. And this is me just rambling on...