Dec 26, 2012

Free Personalized Video Message For Your Child from Santa

Today I'm spending some time creating a personalized message from Santa for my kids. Last year, I discovered through other mommy bloggers the Portable North Pole. With the PNP, you can send your child a personalized video message from Santa. I assure you your kids would love it! My two kids, Simon and Sam, held their breath in anticipation last year as they await the elves' verdict if they've been good or bad. Santa's mere mention of their names seems to tickle them and there were lots of giggles and laughs all around. This year, Santa's message will make more sense to Sam, because he's really been doing well in school and had been working extra to finish all his assignments, plus he's now familiar with the geographic location and shape of the Philippines on the map. 

It's very easy to do. It only took me a few minutes filling up the form. They will ask if the child has been good or bad, the child's special task for the year that he/she has accomplished, the gift Santa would be delivering to him/her and some other details, most of which would be incorporated in Santa's message. Personally, I like Santa's message video last year more than the one I have just created. I have no doubt though that my kids would love these video messages. Santa never fails to brighten up any kid's day and bring Christmas Cheer to everyone. 

And with this, from my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

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