Dec 5, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge: It's so cold!

Day 4 of December Photo-A-Day Challenge: It's So cold! 

The past couple of days it's been cold in this part of the world. That's because of the typhoon, Pablo (international name: Bopha). Prior to the typhoon, it felt like summer here in Manila. But now, it's getting colder as December days go by.  It will be so cold in January or February, but not so much during December, unless there's a storm like this one.

Yesterday, I went out of the house to buy materials for my eldest's  snowman project. The sun is high in the sky but it's hidden by the clouds so dark. It felt like there was an eclipse.

My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the typhoon Pablo, in the southern part of the country. My prayers are with them. There was a time when there's a typhoon and there's a super typhoon. Now, because of the devastation each typhoon brings, it seems there's no difference anymore. Such is what the wrath of nature brings. We brought it upon ourselves.

Let me end this post before it becomes too sad a post. Let me greet each one of you a Happy Wednesday! I'm on the fourth day of the blog hop and I'm loving it. Hopefully, next year, I'll join a 365-day challenge.

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  1. This is such a beautiful photo! The colors say winter, but it isn't dreary. This would look nice framed and on the wall!


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