Dec 4, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop Day 3: RED

Today's word prompt is:

Gosh, I am so late for the December 3rd post. Sister and I went to the computer store yesterday where she bought her new computer to have it fixed. Imagine that! When sister came home and scanned her new computer Sunday, she found some virus and a few malwares. Quite scary. I accompanied her and stood there waiting while the technician reformat the hard drive and installed brand new softwares. And before we went home, I asked the technician to scan the newly reformatted drive for viruses. Oh gosh, it's full of viruses again and we haven't even left the store. Believe me, I saw RED and almost went into a fight with the store staff. We asked for a refund of the installation fee and told them to erase everything on the hard drive and we'll install everything ourselves, with our own installers. I can't get over the fact that their installer was infected. You'd definitely see RED in a situation like that, won't you?

Oh, the photo.
I actually have a photo of the store and all, but only on my cellphone and I can't find the USB cable. It's funny how things go missing when you need them.
So let me share with you this photo of my friend's wedding cake. The motif of the wedding is red and I never thought that red could be so beautiful until that wedding day.

the red and white cake. hmmm, someone can't wait to take a bite. i hope those are not my kid's prints

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  1. beautiful red cake Sis Mai :-) Thank you for dropping at BPC :-)

  2. I'd be seeing red too! That's craziness!

  3. Bigla akong nag-crave ng piece of cake ngayon dahil sa photo.. LoL!! Makapabili nga bukas..

  4. lol. that is a pretty cake! if its me, i would be tempted to taste it. hehe

    from WW

  5. What a pretty cake that is Sis Mai :-) those tiny prints are too cute too, bet they cannot wait to take a big bite of that delish cake :-) Dropping by for Wednesday Whites :-)

  6. My sister also chose red as her motif/theme for her wedding. And it was beautiful. I am not very fond of the red color myself but I did appreciate how pretty having red as a motif/theme for a wedding or party could be. Thanks for checking out my WW entry.

  7. I know, I thought red is quite weird for a wedding motif, but it turns out beautiful! That cake looks yummy indeed! thanks for joining Wednesday whites, Mai! By the way, i love your theme!


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