Dec 8, 2012

12/07/2012 - Photo-A-Day Challenge: Flashback

Word Prompt of the Day: FLASHBACK

My mind flashes back to my first time in Tagaytay, the highest point of elevation in the province of Cavite here in the Philippines. It was in 1996 and we were on a company outing. It was also my first outing with hubby who was just then an officemate. 

Now, sixteen years later, I was able to go back to the site where we had our first picnic. Where else but Picnic Grove.The Picnic Grove of today is not anymore the Picnic Grove I remember. I remember rolling hills and lots and lots of grass. I did not see that two weeks ago when we were there. It may be because of some stores and structures that had sprung up all over the place. Either that or I was looking in the wrong direction or might have been too preoccupied watching over my son as he dashed to the zipline area with his classmates. (Of course, I did not let him try the zipline.)

One thing did not change though, the magnificent view of Taal Volcano. 

They also added a zip line for the adventurous soul. And this wonderful walkway from one zipline station to the other. 

Now, these are two photos: one for December Photo A Day Challenge and for my very first entry to Shadow Shot Sunday. 


  1. Nice shots and sweet story. It would never look the same anyway. lol

    1. Yeah, I guess it wouldn't Judy. lol. But I was hoping they'd keep more of the greens anyway. thanks the visit!

  2. Wow sis, that is one gorgeous place. Taal lang nakit ko during our tour in college.

    Welcome to Shadow shots Sunday, your entry is absolutely perfect!


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