Dec 7, 2012

12/06/2012 Photo-A-Day Challenge: One

We are reading a new book this week called "Wow, There's A Baby in Mommy's Tummy!" In our native language, "Aba, May Baby sa Loob ng T'yan ni Mommy!" It's a story of  a little girl who is going to be a big sister and who learned a lot of things by asking questions about her baby brother/sister. She is excited about the birth of her new sibling. The book talks about the baby's condition inside the mother's womb, how the baby lays there and how the baby eats. My two little ones still don't have any idea what an umbilical cord is. It took a little bit of explaining because one question lead to another and the answers lead to more questions. And then, I remembered I have Simon's birth photos. 

This is Simon on Day ONE:

 Simon's umbilical cord being cut

The book that we are reading right now was Basti's (my eldest) book.We used to read it every night when I was pregnant with Sam. If you're looking for something that would help you prepare you child to the arrival of a new baby, this is one book you should look for. It helped Basti get used to the idea of a new baby in the family. It's in Tagalog and in English, by the way. Available at leading bookstores and at OMF Literature.

This is Day 6 of  Mama Making Changes Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012! 

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  1. What a great pic! I love seeing what the prompt made everyone think of!


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