Dec 6, 2012

12/05/12 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Decorate

It's Christmas! Let's decorate!

In our house, we haven't decorated yet. Which is odd because it's just a few days before Christmas. Last year, we decorated as early as November. This year, I don't think we'll be putting up a Christmas tree. We have arranged the pieces of furniture around the house and there's no space for the big Christmas tree. But it doesn't mean that we're less cheery and it doesn't mean we won't be celebrating Christmas at all. We are still feeling the Christmas spirit. With the three children in the house, who wouldn't? What we'll do this year and I'm planning to do this this weekend is to have the whole family engaged in decorating the house sans the Christmas tree. Hubby wanted to have the old CDs turned into a Christmas decoration. I already checked Pinterest and already saw some great projects. We'll have Christmas decors, wreaths, Christmas lanterns or what here in the Philippines is called parol.All the trimming of last year's Christmas tree will be turned into something else. Wish us luck on this weekend project or ours!

My first DIY Snowman
I already started on this snowman. This is actually Basti's project. He helped me make the top hat and I bought the styro balls and the plastic eyes, picked up some twigs and presto, I have a snowman! Thanks to my glue gun, by the way. This snowman will be coming home to us after Basti's Christmas party and so I'm planning to make two smaller versions for the two younger kids. They got sad when we told them we have to send this snowman to Basti's school.

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  1. Supercute naman ng ginawa nyong snowman!

  2. Very nice. At ang ganda ng pagkakagawa.:D

  3. Dropping by to say hello and see what's new here:)
    Ganda ng pag kagawa ng snowman. Yes, we can decorate our home with homemade things. we just need to be creative like you! Have a nice week end!

  4. Very creative and so cute. I think the tinsel adds to his sparkling personality. Mr. Snowman is charming, what a fun project!

  5. Wonderful Christmas snow doll, I like those colors. Greetings.

  6. this is really cute...made me think of making one...good luck on your project mami....thanks for dropping by on my CC entry.

  7. That is so neat sis, great idea!

    Color Connection's linky for this week is up. Thanks for joining last week.


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