Nov 3, 2012

The Last Two Days of October


Our last two days of October were spent having fun. October 30th, Sam and Simon attended Sam's school Halloween party. They enjoyed the games, the costumes, the music, the food and the dancing. Especially the dancing. The kids danced Gangnam Style. They also had a fun number ala Plants versus Zombies. I was so proud of Simon for being able to keep up with the other kids of the school when it comes to dancing. He's so at home with his brother's schoolmates that I am already deciding he's going to the same school next year.

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Last day of October, my sister took us to SM to go trick-or-treating, Although, at first they were excited and glad receiving candies from the different stores, they did not mind when we stopped after a few stores and decided to call it a day after an hour or so. We spent more time in the food court eating, playing their favorite bowling game, and bonding with cousins.

Overall, the last two days of October was a blast both for them and for me. After satisfying my sweet tooth with the hard candies I wouldn't let the kids eat, I said to myself "this is not so bad, after all." I honestly had misgivings about celebrating the Halloween, but I realized I could not deny the kids the fun it brings, especially Simon and Sam. It was such a joy seeing their happy faces. For them, this is just for fun, simple joys of kids. When they grow up, I'll let them decide on their own if they still want to celebrate or not. Anyway, my eldest, Basti, who's now 11, does not like Halloween parties anymore.

October was such a busy month for us. Now, I'm gearing up for the busiest time of the year, Christmas. And I'm sure, with Sam now at school and Simon keeping up with all of Sam's activities, this will be our biggest and busiest Christmas yet. I'm excited! Are you?


  1. I am excited and stressed as well lol. Magastos ang pasko eh.

    Thank you for joining last week's Color Connection.
    The linky is up now, can't wait to see your color this week!

  2. looks like you had a grand time celebratin Halloween + joining trick or treating! I have not joined Halloween at SM Malls before, maybe I'd ask mum to attend next year! ;)

    thanks for joining k.i.d + see you again next time!


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