Nov 22, 2012

Being Overprotective Or Just Being Safe

Yesterday, my eldest and I went on a field trip in Tagaytay. One of the places we visited was Picnic Grove. And when in Picnic Grove, you can't help but go horseback riding. I wanted to go horseback riding with Basti but I can't because I have a slipped disk and I can't risk falling, because if I do I'll surely end up in the hospital and may end up paralyzed for life. And I can't risk that.

I let Basti go horseback riding while I watch on the side. Most of his classmates did and I didn't want him to feel left out. I watched on the side with a specific instruction to the guide to always be at his side throughout the ride. It was his first time and he was so happy. That moment was one of priceless moments of his life.

This experience was really great for him and for me, seeing him so happy and experiencing horseback riding with his classmates.

There was just one thing that's been gnawing at my mind ever since we left the horseback riding field. And I would really love to know your opinion on this.

One of the mommies who I had become friends with had taken charge of four other kids who didn't have their mommies with them. These kids are her daughter's playmates and Basti's as well, so I kind of feel responsible for them as well. Two of those kids went horseback riding and shared a horse. So there were two of them on one horse with the guide on their side. This mommy friend and I were both shocked that after awhile, like a few minutes after of teaching and guiding them, we found the two on their own without the guide on their side. We scanned the field for the guide and we found him sitting in the shade, not even looking where his "students" were.

While this may be part of the lesson, you know, letting them try it our for themselves, my friend and I panicked because we both know that accidents can happen anytime, especially for first-timers who'd never been on a horse before. What if one of them suddenly made a move that would send the horse galloping? So I called the attention of the guide and almost ran into an argument. They said that their horses are tame and they are "kind" and would not do anything that would hurt the kids. I said, yeah right, and what happens if something happens and you were not at their side. So the guide reluctantly accompanied the kids again, and my friend decided that they had enough and besides it was a very sunny and hot afternoon for the kids.

The funny thing is, Basti was also left alone by his guide and my heart skipped a beat. I immediately called the attention of our guide and he immediately understood. I really don't know if leaving them alone was part of the lesson but I see that some of the other guides did not leave their students' side.

What's bugging me about all this was that for one of the moms this setup was just okay. She was even cheering his son in a loud voice to make the horse go faster. I can't be that mom. I'm too scared that my son might fall when the horse suddenly run full speed. It's just a small horse as you can see but I have slipped disk remember and just the thought of him falling and having the same pain that I'm experiencing is a thought I could not entertain.  I told my friend that right there, you can see the difference between two moms and I wondered if I'd been overprotective.

So what do you think? Have I been overprotective or am I just being safe? Both for the other kids and my own? Would you be like me or would you be like the other mom? And also, would you let your 11, 10-year-old kid go on a zipline on his own? I really feel awful that I may not be letting my son have free reign of what he can and cannot do. And I felt awful explaining to him why I can't let him do things when he can see his classmates can.

Overall, he was happy with the way the field trip turned out but he wanted to go on his own next year. Maybe I should, huh?

Your thoughts?


  1. I think you're jusy being safe. Things can go wrong and we can never really tell what can happen. Marami ng accidents na nangyari sa pag ho horseback riding no matter how tame you think the horse is. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  2. Moms always knows best. Both of you knows your child capacity. She may seem loose but it doesn't mean she care less. letting your child ride the horse is enough proof that you are not that over protective and as you say, you wanted him to experience and enjoy horseback riding. Mother's instinct, it's great that we moms have that. :)

  3. I don't mind if I will be known as overprotective but I will be very safety conscious if my kids were the ones involved. By the way, I tried checking out your Wednesday White post but when I reached your link, it says the post/page does not exist.

    1. thanks for the head up, sis Deli. I don't know what happened but it's working on my end. must be a glitch. but thank you so much for still visiting and i appreciate the input! have a great week ahead.

  4. Awww! Basti is enjoying his horseback ride Sis :-) We used to have a horse back in our old house. My husband is always beside the horse to make sure that I am safe :-) You are one typical Mommy Sis who is always make sure that your son is safe than sorry :-) Returning the visit for WW

  5. thanks for the input mommies and anney. it's great to hear your point of view on this. really appreciate your inputs.

  6. Hay naku sis, natural lang yan. Ako nga feeling ko super protective ako kasi ang damin "Don't do that" lol.

  7. I can totally understand if you panicked.. I would be, too if I were you. Horses tend to run so fast and it would be dangerous for first timers. Anyways, I know your Basti enjoyed it and he and his classmate are safe so it;s definitely something to be thankful about. Thanks for joining WW! Hope to see you again this week!


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