Oct 12, 2012

Halloween Masks and Costumes In Stores


It's once again a payday weekend and most parents, I'm pretty sure, are flocking to the super malls or to Divisoria or Baclaran to buy costumes for the Halloween. (for readers who haven't been to the Philippines, Divisoria and Baclaran are two places in Manila where people flock to buy good quality products at super affordable price, since most of the products are sold at wholesale price.)

I haven't gone yet to Baclaran to see what's in there. But I have gone to one of the most popular malls in our area last week. First day of October, these are what's on display.

Rows of pumpkin baskets. Don't forget to buy some for your little ones. So they could go treat-or-tricking in style.

And up above are what my eldest, Basti, would like to get as his costume. Gone were the days of Spiderman and Superman costumes. Those cute days are over. Now, all he really wants is to scare his classmates on Halloween for real.

I might buy him one of these. Sam will be using the same old Superman or Reaper costume or I may have to improvise something for both of the younger ones because I'm sure not gonna buy another one.

By the way, authorities have warned of harmful chemicals in certain Halloween masks and other items. So be very careful in choosing the right one, read the label. I'm really feeling lazy today, so I'll just gonna send you over to this news item from GMA Network to know more about this issue: {http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/276304/lifestyle/wellness/buying-halloween-stuff-check-the-label-for-harmful-chemicals}

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. So ready na kami for our halloween party! Napamili ko na mga nieces ko ng costumes nila.

    1. anney, talagang namang so lucky ang mga niece mo sa iyo! can't wait to see your Halloween photos! thanks for the visit, sis!

  2. Hirap maghanap ng costume these days. Mukhang DIY ako dahil batgirl gusto ng daughter ko. Happy weekend! =)

    1. naku, sis, good luck sa batgirl costume, hahaha. hindi lang mahirap hanapin, expensive too. thanks for the visit, sis. happy weekend, too!

  3. I hope my grandkids will not use scary costumes coz I am not fond of the dark sides.
    Dropping by from Color Connection.

  4. Beautiful pictures, I really like the first.


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