Oct 5, 2012

Family Bonding at the Mall of Asia and Lessons Learned

One day in September,  the whole family trooped to the Mall of Asia for the Manila International Book Fair. It was raining all day but we braved the heavy rain just to get to the SMX at the Mall of Asia.
When we got there, we wanted to eat first but most of the restaurants inside the mall, especially restaurants kids love like Jollibee and McDo, were packed and we couldn't find any seats at all. It was a payday weekend, plus SM was having a grand sale that week so there was a throng of people in the mall. Lesson learned # 1, don't go to the mall on a payday sale weekend with the kids.

So we went back to the SMX and went inside the book fair.  We did not stay long at the book fair, though. Our first stop was Adarna House where the kids bought a book about Pilandok (the mouse deer character).  Simon was wide-eyed and couldn't contain his excitement seeing all the other books in the Adarna booth.

We visited some other booths but the kids were not as excited as I hoped they would be. Once outside, the fair, we just strolled around the Mall of Asia. We managed to get seated in KFC and the kids helped themselves to a satisfying lunch at almost three in the afternoon. Good thing we had a late breakfast and meryenda before leaving home.Lesson learned # 2, when going out with kids, always bring food and drinks and stash it in your bag.

The kids had more  fun posing for the camera than anything else.

 We managed to buy a few books, and some toys. Most of them were for Sam.

The kids said they enjoyed the day at the Manila International Book Fair and would love to come back to the Mall of Asia.  Though I would really need to take more people with me. All of these boys actually had motion sickness all the way to MOA and I tell you, it was not easy. It's a good thing they were able to bounce back and were able to enjoy the day. And it's a good thing I packed extra clothes for me and the kids. :D Lesson learned #3, always always bring extra clothes, you'll never know what will happen.


  1. Nakakamiss ang mga mall dyan sis, dito kasi ang malls eh boring mostly lol. Di kita mavisit through your comments kasi can't access ang profile mo hehehe...

    I added you sa list ng blog ni Ms. Burrito. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks for joining Color Connection last week. Can't wait to see what color you are this week, the linky is up!

  2. tuwing uuwi ko ng pilipinas ay nag plano ako pumunta dyan, pero di natutuloy lagi. hope next time again:)thanks for visiting!
    You have lovely kids by the way!

  3. I have a niece na lagi kailangan may baon plastic bag pag nag tra travel dahil sa motion sickness.


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