May 2, 2012

Kids In Doodles: For The Love of Spongebob

It's amazing how TV ads can push a child into action. And it's amazing how enticing, how attractive and how lovable SpongeBob is to children. 

One day, the McDonald's newest Happy Meal ad was shown on TV and my kids we're like, "Oh, wow!" complete with squeals and little happy jigs. Then they asked me to take them to McDo and buy them Happy Meal toys. And I tell you, that was very rare. They don't usually asked to be taken to Jollibee or McDonald's just for a toy. They would ask to, just for a burger or a their spaghetti meal sometimes, but not because of the toys. And since this is something rare, and the kids were really excited to buy these cute toys, off we went to the nearest McDonald's in our area a few weeks ago. 

I was disappointed with the size. They are definitely too small. But it did not matter anymore. The kids are happy. Just look at my Sam's face, that's pure happiness.

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  1. These toys are looking wonderful and in my opinion toys are the most precious things for kids,Actually they are just like friends for them.

  2. Nagko collect nyan ang niece ko. Lagi nya pinapanood sa TV. Thanks nga pala for remembering my blog na isa sa ma feature sa blog mo. Kaya lang wala ako badge e. hehehe! Ok lang lang maski di mo mailagay. The thought of including my blog na featured site means a lot!Thanks again!

    1. anney, i just read your comment. i made you a badge, :) will give you the badge code. thanks again!

  3. Uy Thank you! Kakahiya naman naistorbo ka pa. hehehe!

  4. sa commercial din nakikita ng daughter ko yung mga toys sa McDo. kaya pag may work ako, happy meal ang merienda ko. pero etong spongebob hindi ko naabutan, wala na. =)

  5. what a cute kids you have Sis :-) my kids love spongebob too :-) Dropping by from Kids in Doodles.

  6. These toys are looking very attractive and beautiful.these are the friends of the childs...


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