May 24, 2012

Finding The Perfect Gift for My Niece

Despite throbbing back pain, I'd be going out to the mall to place an order for a cake for my niece's birthday. My niece (through my hubby's side) is such a cutie and so adorable! We love her to pieces. As you all know, I haven't blessed with a girl. But I don't mind so much because we have her in the family. She's so smart and always manage to make me laugh whenever I visit my mother-in-law's house. She's the star of the family and her name is Janelle. 

Everyone is trying to find the perfect gift for her. She's at that age, 2, where she's very expressive. I'm sure she would have a blast on her birthday seeing all the gifts that she'll be receiving. I wish I could give her more than a cake. Like dolls perhaps. I've seen some really cute porcelain dolls for baby online but I was wondering if she'd be too young for that. But I was thinking too that her mom would love the porcelain dolls collection. I am wanting one particular doll which you can see HERE.

It's really hard for me to find the perfect gift for my niece, since my kids are all boys. My head swims whenever I'm surrounded with pink and cute girly stuff and I can't decide and want to buy them all, LOL. Hubby and I decided on the cake instead. I have already decided on a Barbie themed customized cake. And off I go to order one! I'm so excited for her birthday!!!


  1. For sure, she'll love it! My daughter loves barbie too. Before, dolls din kadalasan gift sa kanya. Hanggang ngayon na 5 na siya, katabi pa rin niya sa bed. =)

  2. Porcelain dolls are beautiful and can be a collectible too!

  3. that is something! i would love a Barbie cake myself on my birthday, lol!

  4. @irene, @chubskulit, @kimmy thanks for visiting mommies. As of this time, i've changed my mind on the barbie. it seems that niece wants a Dora theme party. But then the cake we'll be having is a personalized one, with just her photos on it. will keep you updated.

  5. Since your niece is so young and you have limited your choices, I suggest getting something that the mom will like and your niece will appreciate when older. Try something personal like getting a personalized photo album with pictures from her first year. Maybe make a scrapbook.


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