May 4, 2012

Chasing Bubbles

When we went swimming two weeks ago, the kids had so much fun in the cool waters of the swimming pools and in the almost hot/warm waters of the hot springs at Cuyab Hot Springs Resort in Laguna. 

But not only did they had fun IN the water, they had so much fun OUT of the water, too. They had so much fun blowing and chasing bubbles! In between swimming sessions, they chased after bubbles. Even their 2-year old cousin was busy going after the bubbles the two boys were making. 


What I loved about the area where our cottage was located is that there's so much open space.The kids were running around like they've been let loose from cages, LOL.

It was a fun day for us, but something really bad happened to Basti when we're about to go home. He fainted and was brought to the hospital. No worries, he went home okay later that night. But I got to tell you, I've experienced the scariest moment of my life. I will blog about that later when I already can. Right now, I'm not ready yet to relive the moment.

Until then, have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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  1. kids really love in the water and making bubbles, looks they had fun! ANyway, hope you are fine visiting via Color Connection.

  2. Bubbles are fun, kahit ako nageenjoy nyan lol. Lovely shots sis. Thanks for joining CC kahit busy ka lagi.. Mwah

  3. My daughter is also a huge fan of bubbles :). That's one thing she will never outgrow, I guess.

    I've never heard of Cuyab hot springs. Sounds like a fun place to go to. My daughter has never been to a hot springs resort, so I might just consider that place. Thanks :)

    Why did Basti faint, by the way? Was it because of the heat? Good to know he's ok.

  4. Cuyab Hot Springs is in Pansol,Laguna, Sis. Basti fainted because he was not able sleep the night before and spent all day in swimming pool. He was so excited and loved the water so much. lesson learned!

  5. oohhhhh that's fun. kids surely love bubbles hehehhe

    was here paying a visit :)

  6. Swimming and blowing bubbles are exciting activities that your boys and mine love doing. I hope Basti is okay now.

  7. what cute boys you have Momi Mai :-) looks so fun blowing the bubbles :-) Dropping by from Color Connection

  8. Swimming and blowing bubbles are two fun activities for kids. My boy enjoys these activities, too! Happy MM!

  9. bubbles really are an instant hit with kids! :D

  10. bubbles are also my absolute favorite!

    oh, i cannot imagine how scared you were when the little guy fainted, am sure my mum would be scared to death, too! glad that he is okay now, though.

    thanks for joining KID + do join us again next time ^_^

  11. I also like swimming because swimming is a very good exercise...In my teenage, I enjoyed swimming very much...


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