Apr 19, 2012

My Saturday Affair: Mommy Power on April 28, 2012

My Saturday Affair is no more because I don't go out to attend events that much anymore. Being a stay at home mom for almost two years kept me glued to my computer chair and to the comfort of my home. But every once in a while I do venture out to the wild, wild world (wink) and attend events that are sooo worth attending. And one of these events is Mommy Power by Moms Today. 

I won't be able to attend this year due to my back pains. I can't imagine myself commuting from Las Pinas to Trinoma and back. So this year, I'll pass. But this will be one event that I would really recommend to moms out there especially to those who have never attended before. The best part would be the seminar, usually in the afternoon, where you'll learn a lot of new ideas and tips from other moms, inspiring individuals and health care professional. Based on experience, there'll be lots of booths for kids and for the whole family outside the seminar area. 

So go and have fun. Enjoy! 

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