Mar 6, 2012

There's Something For Everyone At

Yes, there's something for everyone at Or even better, there's something for everyone at Orlando, Florida. That's what I have just discovered recently. I mean, Orlando, Florida has never been in my list of top travel destinations. This list, I need to tell you, is more of a wish list because I don't have the budget to travel yet, truth to tell. But if ever my family would be given a chance to travel to any destination of choice outside of my home country, I would definitely choose Orlando, Florida. Why?

There are lots of reasons why. I'm sure we would never run out of things to do in Orlando. For one, my kids would go crazy at Walt Disney World and Legoland. The movie addict in me would totally enjoy Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter . And who wouldn't love gazing into the marine animals and plants and being one with nature at SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica and Discovery Cove?  Not yet convinced? How does Ripley's Believe It Or Not and Kennedy Space Center sound to you.? Orlando, Florida also has among its tourist attractions Holyland (a recreation of the city of Jerusalem) and Gatorland, home to thousands of alligators and crocodiles. 

 If I'm going to Orlando, like any other families, Walt Disney World would be our first stop. I wouldn't know where to stay. Good thing has all this information on their site. I would have to go online and check Hotels near Disney World and I'm sure I can find there the best hotels that can give me and my family great accommodations at a family-friendly price. 

Walt Disney World and all those places that I mentioned above are just a partial list of where to go to in Orlando. Can be overwhelming for a first timer or even for those who've been there before. I would recommend then, if you're planning to go to Orlando, Florida, check out for great travel packages to maximize your stay. There's something for everyone at


  1. There's definitely tons of activities and fun adventures you can do in Orlando.

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  3. wow! wish i could go there someday..

  4. thanks, rose, for the visit. I was wondering if this is the same place that you went to last year. Such fun!

  5. Visiting here Mommy, hope all is well!

    1. thanks for the visit, kim and rose. all is well. just wasn't able to blog here due to work and some other concerns. will visit you back now. enjoy the rest of the week!


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