Mar 4, 2012

Missing Being In A Call Center

I miss working in a call center. The last account that I handled was billing for a dating site and music subscription site. And it was a really fun account because the customers are kind of laid back and not as irate as the other accounts that I handled before. These are services that just fall into the 'want' category and not in the 'need' category anyway.

In that account, we also have a sports subscription - high school and college sports. But I don't handle those. Good thing because I'm not into sports that much. All I know is that sports enthusiasts are willing to pay money to know everything, any news (real time that is) about their favorite sports team. Sometimes they ask where to buy tickets also. My office mates have all that information, they are usually directed to a certain site. I didn't care to ask. But I just learned recently that has college sports and game tickets UTEP Miners Valparaiso Crusaders and the Vanderbilt Commodores basketball and football seating. If I hadn't resign, this college sports service that my account had would probably the next thing I would have handled and I would be one telling customer to check out the site for utep miners tickets, valparaiso crusaders tickets, and vanderbilt commodores tickets.

I miss working in a call center. I miss the people, young and old. I don't miss the night shift, I can do that at home. I do that at home, a lot. I miss the pay. I miss the camaraderie and yet, I can't see myself going back. I can't say I won't. One thing I learned in life is to not say never to anything.  Hope by the time I decide to come back to the industry, it's still flourishing like it is now. And this is me just rambling on...

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  1. Oh call center agent ka pala sis, di ba nakakapagod maghandle ng mga accounts na iba iba?


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