Mar 5, 2012

Kids In Doodles: Model

My little Simon loves dressing up. He loves pretend plays as well. Some days, he's a policeman. Other days, he's a side car driver. Most of  the time, he's a super hero. He could be Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. 

But on this day, he's a model. 
He said so himself. 

Pretend plays enhances a child's social, emotional, thinking and language skills according to an article I read online. You can view the full article HERE. 

Kids In Doodles


  1. He is so good looking, he is really indeed a model visiting from KIDS Little World of Fun

  2. way to go, buddy! such a great model you are! maybe i can join with your pretend plays some time, I would like to pretend I'm Pocoyo! :)

    thanks for joining + have a great week ahead!

  3. You look like a rock star little man!

  4. Ang supercute namn ng model na yan!


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