Mar 26, 2012

Just Thankful


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This is my new Facebook banner on my personal account. This pretty much summarizes what I'm happy about and what I'm thankful for everyday : FAMILY. 

First off, let me congratulate my little boy Sam, yes, again. I made a separate post for him HERE. Please feel free to visit and congratulate him on his graduation. :)

Aside from Sammie's graduation, I am thankful for so many things, though it had been a difficult week for us. Sam had fever Friday of last, last week until Monday morning last week despite being checked by the doctor Friday and despite taking in meds all throughout that weekend. Took him to the hospital and they admitted him in for monitoring of DFS (Dengue Fever Syndrome). He's fine now. We've been out of the hospital since Thursday and Sam's his usual busy self. 

There's so many things I'm thankful about with this whole experience and let me list them down:
  • I am thankful that Sam got well soon enough and his illness did not progress to DFS. 
  • I am thankful for my family who took care of my other two boys while we were at the hospital. 
  • I am thankful and proud that my Sam had been very brave and had endured all those painful blood tests, and the dextrose attached to him. 
  • I am thankful for the moments spent with Sam in the hospital, just the two of us staring at each other, listening to music and reading that Children's Bible I featured a few posts back. 
  • I am thankful for my hubby who had to work and had to still go to the hospital to check on us. 
  • I am thankful for my Simon and Basti who were good boys while mom was away. 
  • I am thankful for PhilHealth for slashing down our hospital bill to almost half. :)

Above photo was taken the day Sam came home. I was teary eyed to see my boys together again, playing their favorite online games, huddled in front of the computer like nothing happened. Simon was so happy to see Sam again that he hugged and kissed him as soon as we entered the door. 

How about you guys? What are you thankful for these days? 

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  1. I'm thankful because it's our 12 year wedding anniversary today and also my husband's birthday. We don't usually celebrate these occasions but I am truly grateful to the Lord for the blessings.

  2. Praise God you are now okay Sammie. I love that header. Sowi about the linky being closed. Take care sis.

  3. Those are wonderful reasons to be thankful for and this indeed brings you great happiness. :)

  4. Hi Mai,

    Congrats kay Sam! And good to hear that he's well and at home now. I can imagine during Dengue season diyan sa'tin, talagang nakakaawa yung mga batang tinatamaan nyan. I used to work in the hospital back there in Pinas and nakakaawa kasi lagi namin kinukuhaan ng dugo ang mga dengue patients for monitoring :( Buti na lang talaga at hindi Dengue yung kaya Sam, no?

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful blessings over at Happiness Is. See you there again for another round of happy posts :)

  5. Hi Mommy Mai! Emoterang Kulot is here..hehehe..added this in my emoterang neybor (blogroll).
    Buti naman at okay na si little boy..hindi ko pa talaga mafigure out pano gamitin si mymemotysuite..hehehe..yung kong pano ba ang mag save as na isa lang..bakit naka albmum nahihirapan ako kasi netbook lang ako meron..mas madali feeling ko sana kong desktop ang meron ako..hehehe..
    anyways..thanks for dropping by in my happiness entry.

  6. maybe you could come and join me Scarlet Wednesday is now up... see you there!

  7. that was beautiful! you see, there are several people who don't know they have a lot to be thankful for..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Happy Birthday To My Most Beautiful Sister?

  8. Sumisilip lang before I go to bed, midnight na pala hehehe.. Nyt sis.

  9. I am thankful to the Ultimate Reality for making me what I am without ever demanding from my side.

  10. I am thankful to the Ultimate Reality for making me what I am without ever demanding from my side.,,


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