Mar 25, 2012

The Enchanted Blog Award

It was March 20th, 2012.I was at the hospital because Sam's confined for possible Dengue Fever. (Thank God, it was not dengue after all. We're fine now. He's out of the hosp since Thursday.)  Anyway, I was at the hospital with nothing to do but wait. Wait for doctor's and nurses' instructions, wait for Sam to wake up, wait for Sam to get well. Everybody's asleep and I was not sleepy at all. I thought about my blog and remembered I haven't posted about The Enchanted Blog Award Rona gave me. How forgetful of me! There was another one that I forgot to post and I needed to find where that is. So I decided to make a draft of Rona's Enchanted Award on paper.  Thanks Rona, or Ning,  for that award. I'm drawn to happy people and so I'm really glad to find you and other happy bunch of people online. 

As a receiver of this award, I am bound to tell you seven things about me, and here goes:
  1. Like Rona, I'm a frustrated dancer. Worse, I can't sing. Oh, wait, I can sing but usually off key. 
  2. Bowling is the only sports I know and dared to play. :)
  3. I have low tolerance for pain 
  4. Since my pain tolerance level is low, all my kids are delivered 'painless'. 
  5. I have learned not to expect much from people. When you don't have expectations, you don't get disappointed. 
  6. Having no expectations, I can also give without expecting anything in return. Once I give something, it's all yours, you don't have to explain what you do with it. 
  7. Last, and you can laugh, I'm a die hard fan of John Lloyd and Sarah G love team. :)
Coming up with the seven things you don't know about me was harder than I thought, lol. So KM, it's okay if you don't do the seven things anymore. 

Tagging Lainy Mae, Mum Vix, Mom Jess, Rovie, KM, Rose Cottrill, Techie She and Mommy Chris with this award! Hope you could spread the love!


  1. Thanks for the tag sis, greatly appreciate it!

    Magkakasundo tayo sa bowling. I also love volleybal. I can take pain but not with migraine hehehe. I agree with your 5 & 6, I am the same way. We have a lot in common lol.

  2. Oh wow! This is so late but I appreciate that you still thought of grabbing the award from my blog! Muahness to u!

    And do you know that I'm also a fan of ashlhoyd love team! They're so cute together!

    Thanks Mai! I miss you!


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