Feb 8, 2012

Look Ma! - The Yellow Hawaiian Shirt

A few days ago, I found Kuya Basti's old Hawaiian shirt while sorting out clothes of the kids. It had only been used once, some six years ago, but it still looks brand new. The littlest boy saw it and wanted to try it on. He even asked to have his picture taken. He was such in good spirit with his yellow shirt! He almost made my heart skip a beat when he shouted, "Ma, tingin mo!" (Look, Ma!) He was on all fours on our plastic chair! I'm supposed to run to him but I did not, because he was laughing so hard showing off his bottom. He's enjoying the moment, being in front of the camera. Then, he was exercising. I didn't realize he's doing some push ups until he said, "Exercise ako." (I'm exercising.) A few minutes after, he was on the floor and decided he was a TIGER with matching GRRRR. Finally, he settled down after so many poses, said "Pagod ako." ("I'm tired.") and went to sleep a few minutes after.

The littlest one is a bundle of energy. He's also such a bundle of joy. He always manages to make me laugh out loud. 


  1. Hahaha! I super giggled with that particular pic na nakatuwad! Cuteness!!!

  2. I love looking at lively kids, pwede kalaro ng little girl ko. :D She's like this little ball of energy lalo kapag in the mood to play, but sometimes I have to give up because I am running out of breath and she is still hyper.

    Visiting via KID. :)

  3. Kids are always full of energy,they never run out of it. I love his summer shirt too!

  4. i bet we will have loads of good time when we play together! way to go, buddy! it looked like you really had a great time with your cool hawaiian shirt! :)

    thanks for joining + i do hope you join in our little giveaway, too! :)

  5. LOL. He's a funny kid! When he grows up, ladies will find his sense of humor attractive ;)


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