Jan 23, 2012

Making friends with Mr. Up

Here's a snapshot of  Simon with his new friend, Mr. Up. Mr. Up was a balloon that his father brought home from a party. Mr. Up eased some of Simon's boredom when he was all alone with his chicken pox. One day, Simon said, "Mama, tingin mo!" (Mama, look!}And I saw Mr. Up with sunglasses on! Couldn't help but laugh. And take a cam shot. :D

Mr. Up's name was taken from one of the most-watched-movies-of-maithreeboyz, UP. The movie UP was a story of an old man who used lots of balloons to float his house over to Paradise Falls in South America.

Anyway, Mr. Up burst one day and Simon cried. I almost cried myself because I was so sorry for Simon. And then, I realized that he was holding the nail cutter that his older brother was using awhile back. I think he intentionally burst Mr. Up, wanting to see what would happen and then realized there's no more Mr. Up and cried. Hays, kids. So clueless and fragile. On second thoughts, and so are some adults, right?


  1. oh.. so sad. but then again like adults, we are always curious on what will happen next if we did something and later learn from it. right?
    but he's imaginative putting those sunglasses on the balloon. that was really funny! :D

  2. correct, rachelle!i'm sure my li'l boy learned something from this and will never again burst his balloon. thanks for the visit!

  3. It's a lesson learned, I'm sure. You can always buy a balloon naman. But your balloon is cool especially with the eye glasses.

  4. my son loves to play with balloons too, minsan sinasadya nya atang paputokin eheheh

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  5. cool! much like that character from the chipmunk movie who've been stranded in an island all by herself + befriended a couple of balls, including a golf ball! ^_^

    thanks for joining last week's kid + we hope you also join in our little giveaway..good luck ^_^

  6. We love the movie UP, ang cute cute ni Simon!

    Taka lang ako sis, bakit January 23 dates ng posts mo?


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