Jan 9, 2012

Kids in Doodles: My Little DJ

In January of  2011, my brother gave me a headset, sort of a post-Christmas gift. I love that headset though it has malfunctioned already due to too much use (I guess). I have been careless also that I let the kids use it when they play their games and when they watch videos. And they mishandle it sometimes.

My brother gave the same brand of headset yesterday.  I was so happy and even the kids are happy to see it. Well, I won't allow them to use this one anymore. And to show his enthusiasm about the said headset, Simon insisted on trying it on. We let him, just this last time. He's a perfect model, despite the chicken pox dotted face.
I call him my Little DJ. Like his kuya Sam, I'm so proud of him that even with the chicken pox, he still remains to be the active and happy child that he is. There were some tantrums but that's reasonable for a sick child like him. He wouldn't let go of the headset anymore. But we managed to distract his attention and take it off from him.

This is our share for today's Kids In Doodles.


  1. i hope the chicken pox abates in no time...i am also dreaming of taking the same shot with my little man + i guess i will be lucky soon enough, he's recently taking a liking to wearing our old pair of headphones + i might just get the shot one of these days..

    thanks for joining k.i.d, i hope you complete the entire month's entries to qualify for our giveaway! good luck ^_^

  2. awwwwww...cute DJ in the making...hahabulin to nang mga chicks someday...ehehehe!


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