Jan 25, 2012

Basti's Field Trip Part 2 :Quezon Memorial Circle

It was my second time at Quezon Memorial Circle. The first time was in the year 2000 when I attended and single-handedly manned our Japanese trade group's booth for two days. So it was a bittersweet moment for me when the bus arrived at the entrance of the Circle. But it was not what I remembered it to be. The QC Circle has changed so much in the span of 11 years.For the better, I guess.

The kids were excited to go to the Quezon Museum, housed beneath this monument.

The Quezon Museum contains memorabilia of President Manuel L. Quezon.

Right: Pres. Quezon's remains are inside this sarcophagus. Left: Ink dish and Vases.

I love this open space inside the Circle.

This is where the paddle boats are located.

Circle of Joy, children's playground.

Circle of Fun, the night carnival

There are many activities that you can do ay QC Memorial Circle. I was surprised that there's even a zip line and a mini-race track (go-kart), although of course you have to pay to be able to use them.You can also rent a bike. 

It was a Friday afternoon when we got there. So aside from other students from other schools who were also on a field trip, we practically have the whole place to ourselves.
I found a more detailed posts of QC Memorial Circle here if you want to see and know more:


  1. Hopping here via Orange Tuesdays...I bet Basti had a great trip

  2. what a beautiful view and fun place for the family Sis :-) Returning the visit from Orange Tuesday. Btw, your comment makes me smile :-)


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  4. Beautiful place for the kids and adult alike. Visiting from OT Mai.

  5. Beautiful places! I like the sign "Circle of Joy"

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  6. beautiful views Sis and looks like a fun thing to do with the family :-) Returning the visit from Wednesday Whites.


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  11. Maganda din pala ang Circle. Maraming beses ko nang nadaanan ito when I was still in Manila pero hindi pa ako nakapasok dito...

    Sa sunod kong punta ng Maynila I'll make sure to visit this place.

    Thanks for sharing Mai. May utang pa akong Mango Float post sa iyo...hehehe Sige lang, I'll let you know when its up... Hehehe

  12. wow i never been into this part of Quezon City. thanks for sharing, I will surely visit this place when I get the chance to see my cousin in QC.

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  15. hindi rin pala nalubong sa cemetery si P. Quezon nu. I thought si P. Marcos lang. Nice and very pleasant place. Looks fun to take kids there. Visiting from Wednesday Whites.

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