Jan 10, 2012

Basti's Field Trip 1: Pasig Rainforest Park

One early morning in December, Basti and I boarded a bus for a one-day field trip to different destinations in Metro Manila. It was still dark when we left the meeting area.

Our first destination was supposed to be PHILVOCS, but for some reason, that got cancelled and so we were told that we'll be at The Rainforest instead. It was our first time there and we did not know what to expect. The Rainforest Park is located in Maybunga, Pasig. 

 We were greeted with greenery all over the park. 

I love that there's a wide variety of flora to be found inside the park. These are just some of them. 

Kids will also enjoy looking at the animals found inside the park.  I managed to take some shots of some of them. There's a mini zoo inside.  It was Basti's first time, he said, to see a carabao up close.
And I wondered what these red vines are but they're beautiful. Inside this area are cages of animals.

Oh, look! There's a swimming pool. The kids went wild, lol. Swimming was not in the list of activities for that day though.

This walkway lead us to an ampitheater. 

And the last photos were of Basti's or at least my attempts to photograph him.  He had somehow taken an aversion to having his picture taken. I guess he became conscious and shy with his classmates all around him.  These are all stolen shots and I got tired chasing him around. I can hardly keep up!
I don't know though how much the entrance fee is because we paid for the whole one day trip around the Metro. I just wish we had more time here than in any other places we had been that day. We were so rushed by the guide. It would have been nicer if we can take everything in at a more leisurely place.

Other places that I was not able to capture in photos were the Japanese Garden, the Butterfly Garden, and so many other animals and flowers. The guide suggested a train ride but that was scratched as well. Overall, it was  a great experience. I would recommend the place because there's a lot to see and a lot to experience.

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  1. malapit lang sa amin yan, pero sa totoo lang di pa kame nakapunta dyan. hehehe.
    please join, daddy and me wednesday ha, it would be up tomorrow. Thanks in advance :D

  2. it's nice to see nature parks in such a busy city. i used to get amazed too by those vines...maganda sa garden:)

    my teenage son never wanted to get himself photograph, too.

  3. Wonderful mosaic of flowers. Beautiful pictures, a frame with a pretty wonderful light.

  4. awwww....ang sarap naman nang getaway nyo mami..I love all the pics!

  5. The first photo is simply spectacular, Mai! The place is beautiful. Gusto ko ring mapuntahan yan. One day... ;-)

    Visiting here via my other blog, The Fool on the Hill.

    See yah!

  6. We've been thinking of taking the toddlers to this place. It's just 10-15 minutes drive from our house but I wasn't really sure if the place was worth visiting. Now that you've written about it, we'll schedule a trip one of these days. :D

  7. looks like a beautiful place! i would love to visit it one day. thanks for sharing!

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  8. haven't been here. looks like a cool place! regards mai!

  9. what a fun day to explore the zoo :-) liked the flowers too :-) visiting from orange tuesday, hope that you can return the visit too.


  10. With all the photos I love the very first one:)

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  11. beautiful photos... love the swimming pool.

  12. Beautiful photos, with a magnificent light, I love this mosaic of delicious flowers. Greetings.

  13. saya naman ng mommy, kasama sa field trip :)

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    see you around!

  14. vey nice series of photos sis.. looks Basti had a great time..

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  15. hope you had fun at the park, great shots too :-) was here for WW, hope that you can return the visit too.


  16. Beautiful photos, beautiful colors..

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  17. how fun!! i love those flower photos.

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    1. thanks for the visit,shengkay. sana makahabol ako until Saturday.

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  20. breathtaking shots. i love nature! visiting from WW.

  21. i saw this pasig rainforest on tv. can u pls. help us how can we get there since where only here at makati city? tnx guyz...",)

    1. Thanks for dropping by. i don't know exactly how to commute going there but you might find the answer on this forum helpful:


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