Nov 15, 2011

Time4Learning Review

Our Time4Learning one month free subscription has just ended and I am kinda sad. Sad because we didn't have enough time to actually explore everything in it. The boys had very limited amount of access to the computer during the time that we were in the program because of my work online. I practically monopolized the use of the computer the whole month. The only time they got to use it was when I was on break or when I had to take a nap due to exhaustion and sheer sleepiness :) or if I'm experiencing back pain. 

I enrolled  my three boys in the programs suited to their ages. Basti was enrolled in the Upper Level (4th - 8th grade) program and Sam and Simon were both enrolled in the Lower Level (for Pre-K to third graders).  Out of my three boys, my Simon enjoyed Time4Learning lessons and games the most. He loves the Alphabet set so much that he comes back to it every time we log in to his account. Yes, every child has a log in and a password so that he will only get lessons and activities suited to his age. 

Games, activities, videos, tutorials were categorized to Numbers, Colors, Shapes, the Alphabet, Animals and so forth. Each category has different sets of interactive lessons and fun games and once all of them are finished, there'll be a check mark on the category so parents know which category the child did not take on. 

Time4Learning was so useful to us during the time that we're reviewing for Basti's periodical exam. Basti was having a hard time with his lesson in Math about " factors".  It was really great that by using the interactive lessons provided by Time4Learning, it became easier for him to understand everything. At the end of the lesson, there was a quiz and we were able to gauge Basti's level of understanding through that. Plus, there's a cool detective game that Basti played, where he needed to break the code by solving the problem.   

We did not use Sam's log in at all because he, for the most part of each week, was staying with his grandma and so did not have access to the internet. 

I would truly recommend the site for homeschoolers. Some homeschoolers use it for their curriculum and some use it as a supplement. We opted for after-school learning. They have a homeschooling guide as well at the site and a Parent Forum where homeschooling parents meet and exchange experiences, resources and ideas. 

Want to know more about Time4Learning? Visit them now at

(I was given a one month free membership to review the site and its programs. All opinions are 100% mine --
errr 10% mine and 90% from my boys.)

Nov 13, 2011

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Christmas Lanterns in Las Pinas

Early this evening, Sam and I went to what is called in Las Pinas as Plaza Quezon. I love going to Plaza Quezon during this time of the year because of Christmas lanterns or parol that are made and sold there. Lanterns are available in many colors and are made out of a variety of materials -- paper, plastic, indigenous materials, capiz shells, etc. You can find lanterns ranging from P15 to P2500 or more.

When I saw this, I can't help thinking Ruby Tuesday, Mellow Yellow, Orange Tuesdays, Colorful Weekend Color Connection, Mommy Moments. LOL!

We bought just a small lantern that Kuya Basti can bring to school. It cost P60. I forgot how much the tulip shaped lanterns are but they're so beautiful. Sam was so willing to have his photo taken with these beautiful Christmas decors in the background.  This photo is his KID entry. 

They even have snowmen made of capiz shells. This one cost P2500. It's almost as tall as Sam. 
And this is for my Wednesday White. :)  The snowman's body is white but does not look so because of the lighting inside. 

You can see more of the Las Pinas Christmas Lanterns at my other blog HERE. But I still need to make a post there so I'm hoping by the time you drop by I've already done that. Hope you can also support our lantern makers in Las Pinas. If you're around the area or just passing by from Baclaran to Alabang or vice versa, do check them out. Plaza Quezon is just a few blocks away from the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church. Better to drop by during the evening so you could enjoy the lights, too. 

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Nov 4, 2011

Froggie In The City


Late this afternoon, while I'm doing the laundry, a frog hopped into the laundry area from outside the house. I was puzzled (in my four years here, this is the first time I've seen a frog) but more than that I was excited for the kids. I don't think they have ever seen a live frog before. I called them from inside the house and showed them the frog. It hopped and hopped all over the place that the kids did not get a closer look. I asked them to stay inside the house and to watch from the screen door just to make sure it does not get inside.

the "fwag", perched on our washing machine, looks kinda creepy and nasty to me 

Nov 3, 2011

KID: Halloween and All Saint's Day

There's no trick-or-treating for my kids this year. Basti who's 10 doesn't want to anymore and went on a vacation with his cousins. Hubby and I were not sure if trick or treat at SM was on the 30th since it was a Sunday. So we went trooping there after my sister in law's birthday lunch-out and had the costumes stashed in our bags just in case. But it turned out, trick-or-treat is on the 31st. Too bad, I had back pains that day and hubby had to work even if it's a holiday, so we were not able to go trick-or-treating with the kids. I was sad for the kids but I wasn't entirely disappointed that we were not able to participate this year. Celebrating Halloween is a personal decision and this year, things happened that made it easier for me not to celebrate it. 

Moving on, on November 1st we dropped by our mother-in-law's house before going to the cemetery to pay our respect to our beloved who are now with the Creator. The kids found their Tita playing Angry Birds on the small notebook. Now, how many heads are in this picture? That's a total of five.