Apr 29, 2011

Nostalgia: 10 Years And Counting!

This is my first entry to Nostalgia of Nostalgic MARVELING. 

It's a very special entry for me because here, for the first time, 
I'll be talking about hubby and me. 
We had just celebrated our 10th year anniversary. 
Hooray for us!
Hoping for another 10 years and another and another ....

On a somber note, 
This year also marks the 10th death anniversary 
of a very special friend, Alvin
who was very dear to me and hubby. 
He sang on our wedding day and entertained our guests 
with his rich angelic voice even when he's in pain. 
I didn't know he was in pain and still he sang for us. 
He passed away four to five months after,
of cancer  
and I'll always remember him,
our dear selfless friend, 

Apr 22, 2011

Mommy Moments: Rainbow Colors

mommy moments

Good day to everyone! Today, being Good Friday and also my mother-in-law's birthday, I'll make this very short. I'm sure mommies today, like Chris said, are on vacation in the provinces with their loved ones or reserving this day for reflections. Have a great weekend everyone and be safe always!

My boys love this stuff toy collection that my in-laws have. Aren't they cute? My brother-in-law actually won all these in the mall arcade. Some of them have been given away as gifts and some sold already to insistent buyers. The collection was originally close to a hundred pieces or so, I think. And I'd say wow, great job!

And another great job, a sample shot from my brother's website at TheWeddingProjects. I know, right, shameless plugging, hehe. But I'm really proud of my big brother. He found his passion for photography when he's already in his 30's. No clue at all when we're growing up that he'll love being behind the camera more than being in front of it. 

I'll post some more photos of the kids in the next few days but for now, please head off to Mommy Moments for more rainbow colors.


Yesterday, when we went to Church for Good Friday, and before we went to my mother-in-law's house, Sam saw these wonderful balloons in the church ground area. So another set of rainbow color photos from us!

Sam posing for the cam. He just got a new haircut. 
Balloons of different size and shapes.
Cost around P30 to P50 a piece. 
Simon enjoying his day at the church grounds. 


Apr 21, 2011

Of Trade Fairs and Mommy Events

I miss going to trade fairs and mommy events. I really do. When I was still working as a call center agent, I attend mommy events every Saturday after work. Or I go to the Megatrade Hall to check out new exhibits or trade shows.  It's pretty easy on my schedule back then because I get off work early in the morning just in time for those events. 

Now, that I am a work at home mom, I don't go to mommy events and can't go anymore. The main reason is I am finding it hard to get out of my work mode when I'm in front of my computer. Also, I'm too lazy to go out in the morning to prepare for a trip outside my comfort zone. Most of the events are in Makati, Quezon City, Pasig and Mandaluyong, and I live in the far-away land of Las Pinas. Not so far away, you might say, but try commuting back and forth. :) And lastly, my kids are late risers. I can't find it in my heart to leave the house and them alone with their father. Poor Papa, hahaha.

But what do I really get from going to mommy events and trade fairs? 

Well, for one, I learn so many things. Little bits of information here and there, that I wouldn't really pay much attention to on regular occasions or would read online and forget about it in a matter of days. I get a lot of  tips on parenting or kids health and development from distinguished speakers/specialists, all in one sitting. Do you know that tooth decay is contagious? is just one of the things that I never knew before. Or that you can bathe the baby any time of the day? As opposed to common belief  that you must not bathe the baby in the afternoon or late afternoon. 

Second, I love the freebies! I have so many things in the house and things for the kids, especially, that I got from attending mommy events -- from promotional pens to t-shirts, books (won some in raffles), pillows, goodies, kiddie foods. Most of them are shared with friends and family, some of them I keep and some of them,of course, goes to the kids. Most of the pens that we use in the house are engraved pens bearing company logos, hahaha.

Third, meeting new people. I have met some moms that I now consider friends even if we don't see each other that much. We keep in touch in Facebook or chat or email. I love sharing these activities to new moms because I know they will learn a lot from them. And those moms that I share it with also become fond of going to mommy events. 

Fourth,--and this is particularly to trade fairs or trade shows--is knowing about local companies and alternative products in the market. I particularly love going to trade fairs. It is in my system because I used to coordinate these activities when I was working for a foreign trade ministry group. Part of the group's task is to give advice for marketing local products in foreign market  and other ideas to local exporters. When you go to a local trade fair, especially the one set up by DTI, you will be amazed how creative, how ingenious, our local producers and exporters are. And you can buy good quality products at a very low price. One thing that I don't forget buying is pancit canton made from squash or malunggay. Healthy foods for the kids.  And the kids eat them too. 

So to all mommies, especially to young mommies, out there who haven't gone to one yet, now is the time to start attending. 

Watch out for my post on upcoming events this summer! 

Apr 15, 2011

Mommy Moments: Birthday Photos

 It's Friday once again! Time for Mommy Moments! 

mommy moments

For today's theme, Birthday Photos, I would like to share Sam's birthday photos that were taken on his 5th birthday. We had a simple celebration at a Jollibee branch at SM near our place with only around 10 people with us. Sam got to pick his own birthday cake, a Goldilocks Choco Cherry Torte.The kids had fun as always, Jollibee is every kid's favorite place. 

How about you? Share your birthday photos now or 
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Apr 9, 2011

Mommy Moments: Summer Plans

It's only been just a few days of summer and Basti is already bored, so bored that he asks me everyday when he can go to his cousin's house in Cavite. He can't go yet because they have to move in first to a new house before they can accept "vacationers". 

So summer will be uneventful for Basti unless I do something about it. I was thinking of enrolling him to a summer sports clinic at his school. He wanted to learn karate but his school is not offering that at all. I'm sure though we'll be able to work something out. 

Sam's summer would be filled with activities because he will be attending summer class. We hope this will prepare him for regular school in June. I really hope he'll enjoy his summer class and will be able to adjust well. . 

Meanwhile, Simon will be doing his same old stuff, except that I'll be taking him with me whenever we bring Sam to school. The child is such a copy cat. So I'm sure it would feel like he's going to school too. 

Me? I'm still hoping that this summer I'll be able to take them to travel somewhere, in our hometown in Quezon, preferably. For the meantime, it's still be work and work and work for me.

So that's it! That's our plans for summer. Not much, eh? But you know, sometimes it's better to not make plans and just let things happen. So we'll enjoy summer one day at a time and we'll see what each day brings!

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By the way, just in case you're interested to know what MILO Sports Clinic is offering in your area, here's the PDF of the Venues and Classes in NCR.