Dec 23, 2011

Simon's Busy Sunday

Simon had a busy afternoon a few weeks back. He woke up seeing me putting up the Christmas tree. 
He wanted to help and I let him. He was very serious in the photo above, and just rested when he took a bath. Hence, the change of clothes. 
Hubby came home from a visit from the in-laws and we decided to go the parol market in Plaza San Jose here in Las Pinas - the same on Sam and I went to previously. At 8:00 in the  evening, he's still so alive and so willing to have his pictures taken. 
We ordered pizza on the go in one of the stores and the area, and you can see the two boys bored out of their wits. The pizza's yummy and the little boy went to sleep full and satisfied. 
I will be posting later the decors we put on the Christmas tree.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!!!!



  1. OI love that helicopter lights, so unique! Pizza looks good sis!

    Habol ka pa with nostalgia votes sis.. Merry Christmas to you and your family.. Mwah!

  2. What a busy Sunday indeed! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mommy!

  3. Beautiful helicopter with colored lights. A greeting.


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