Dec 17, 2011

Nostalgia: 2011 through Hubby's Cellphone Cam


Making this calendar scrap reminded me that 2011 is about to end. 2011 has been a good year for me, I think. Let's not talk about the financial aspects but emotionally, I think I have some pretty good happy moments this year than last year.

I was thinking, when I was trying to come up with my last Nostalgia post, what's my best 2011 moments? Then I said, there are a lot so never mind about that. I don't have pictures of those. 
Then I dug some old photos from hubby's cellphone. Great! These are the photos that never got published but have stories to tell in their own ways. 

So here goes:

the christmas tree that came down late january or early february....

my birthday cake, a surprise from hubby. 
i love that yellow Goldilocks planner but never got to use it at all

Our own Earth Hour. 
That's Sam pretending again that there's a birthday cake. 

 I was saving these photos for Wednesday Whites, lol. 

Simon's first knee cuts. Told him not to run. He ran as soon as I told him.
This is what he got. I learned to say, "Walk only, ha?" from then on. 

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  1. Thank you for joining the last lane of nostalgia sis.. Pavote ka from your FB friends sayang naman ang 25 hehehe.

    Tose first bruises are always so disheartening, nakakanerbyus on our part but that's how we and them learn.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Mai! I love your digital scrapbook pages. And that one with the photos of his first knee cuts are so heart wrenching for a mom.


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