Dec 21, 2011

KID: Fun with Sunglasses

It's been awhile since I last joined Kids in Doodles.  Thanks to Jared's mommy Vix for always tagging and keeping me updated on Jared's KID posts.

Here's my share for this week's KID:

Back in July, I got an infected eye. So I was using cheap sunglasses when I go out to the market or running some errands. I've never really used any kind of eye wear before this and I never thought it practical to buy branded and expensive sunglasses. Anyway, after that ordeal was over and after I stored these sunglasses somewhere in the house, my boys found these sunglasses and pretended to be me, and pretended to be movie stars. There was a lot of giggling and laughing from these two boys. Notice that Simon had his sun glass upside down, hehehe. This is one of the best memories of 2011.

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  1. Aw ang cutie naman :)) hehehhe nung babies pa mga kids ko madalas dn kme mag picture picture ng kung anu anung pose :)) ngayun sawa n sila :)) hahhahah nweis thanks for visiting mg KID entry hope to see you in toy stories

  2. cool cute kids! :D

    by the way, thanks for the parol!:D

  3. cool! i love to play with mum's sunglasses, too. i've actually broken it when it fell off from my hands one sure mum do not mind. she just needs to get a replacement...

    thanks for joining us again! ^_^ ~ Jared


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