Nov 15, 2011

Time4Learning Review

Our Time4Learning one month free subscription has just ended and I am kinda sad. Sad because we didn't have enough time to actually explore everything in it. The boys had very limited amount of access to the computer during the time that we were in the program because of my work online. I practically monopolized the use of the computer the whole month. The only time they got to use it was when I was on break or when I had to take a nap due to exhaustion and sheer sleepiness :) or if I'm experiencing back pain. 

I enrolled  my three boys in the programs suited to their ages. Basti was enrolled in the Upper Level (4th - 8th grade) program and Sam and Simon were both enrolled in the Lower Level (for Pre-K to third graders).  Out of my three boys, my Simon enjoyed Time4Learning lessons and games the most. He loves the Alphabet set so much that he comes back to it every time we log in to his account. Yes, every child has a log in and a password so that he will only get lessons and activities suited to his age. 

Games, activities, videos, tutorials were categorized to Numbers, Colors, Shapes, the Alphabet, Animals and so forth. Each category has different sets of interactive lessons and fun games and once all of them are finished, there'll be a check mark on the category so parents know which category the child did not take on. 

Time4Learning was so useful to us during the time that we're reviewing for Basti's periodical exam. Basti was having a hard time with his lesson in Math about " factors".  It was really great that by using the interactive lessons provided by Time4Learning, it became easier for him to understand everything. At the end of the lesson, there was a quiz and we were able to gauge Basti's level of understanding through that. Plus, there's a cool detective game that Basti played, where he needed to break the code by solving the problem.   

We did not use Sam's log in at all because he, for the most part of each week, was staying with his grandma and so did not have access to the internet. 

I would truly recommend the site for homeschoolers. Some homeschoolers use it for their curriculum and some use it as a supplement. We opted for after-school learning. They have a homeschooling guide as well at the site and a Parent Forum where homeschooling parents meet and exchange experiences, resources and ideas. 

Want to know more about Time4Learning? Visit them now at

(I was given a one month free membership to review the site and its programs. All opinions are 100% mine --
errr 10% mine and 90% from my boys.)


  1. Hahahah I love the 10% from you and 90 percent from them. Way to go team!

  2. Di ka pa pala followed ni Ms. Burrito kaya followed ko na hehehe..

  3. hmmm.. sounds like a real nice educational material..

  4. It does sound like they have really good educational materials. I'll have to check them out for my son. I bet he'd really enjoy them!

  5. I salute you! I admire the fact that you were able to devote some time and effort into helping your kids out with their studies. I work 12 hours a day and barely ever have time to ask my kids how school went.

  6. I also work part time and my daughter uses Time4Learning.She is also in the Upper level.

    We both love it. It keeps her attention, is aligned to state and national standards, and is fun. I love it because it keeps all the records for me and saves me soooo much time.

    Glad your boys enjoyed it so much.

    FYI: They do offer a discount if you pay quarterly or yearly, and they offer a discount if you have more than one child. Every little bit helps!

  7. my kids loved time for learning too :)


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