Nov 3, 2011

KID: Halloween and All Saint's Day

There's no trick-or-treating for my kids this year. Basti who's 10 doesn't want to anymore and went on a vacation with his cousins. Hubby and I were not sure if trick or treat at SM was on the 30th since it was a Sunday. So we went trooping there after my sister in law's birthday lunch-out and had the costumes stashed in our bags just in case. But it turned out, trick-or-treat is on the 31st. Too bad, I had back pains that day and hubby had to work even if it's a holiday, so we were not able to go trick-or-treating with the kids. I was sad for the kids but I wasn't entirely disappointed that we were not able to participate this year. Celebrating Halloween is a personal decision and this year, things happened that made it easier for me not to celebrate it. 

Moving on, on November 1st we dropped by our mother-in-law's house before going to the cemetery to pay our respect to our beloved who are now with the Creator. The kids found their Tita playing Angry Birds on the small notebook. Now, how many heads are in this picture? That's a total of five. 

We walked a few blocks on our way to the cemetery. The kids are every active at this point and glad to see so many candles and flowers. I was wanting to take pictures at the cemetery for my other blog to showcase the sights and sound of November 1st here in the Philippines, but I couldn't get myself to do it. My hubby was scaring me that I might catch an image of something on the digicam like a ghost or spirit. I'm such a scaredy-cat. 

But I couldn't resist taking a snap of my little boy as he was watching his Tita light some candles on his great grandparents' and grandfather's tomb. He was so curious. 

It was cute and embarrassing at the same time when they started singing "Happy Birthday to you" and tried to blow away the candles.

Well, all in all, the holiday for us passed by and ended well. Hope you had a great time, too!

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  1. I really LOLed reading the last part... kids genuinely and sincerely do things... The innocence of the children... I love that... even if sometimes it embarrasses the mums...but I can take that with grace...hehehe

    btw, thanks for dropping by my zoe's blog... see you around.

  2. oh cool, they were singing happy birthday while blowing at the candles! maybe i should try that trick when i am a bit bigger! :D

    i was such a handful that mum never had the chance to snatch some photos at the cemetery when we visited my Mama + Papa, aside from the fact that mum actually left the cam at home! :)

    am sure mum will love the digiscrapin' kit, she is a wannabe scrapper!

    thanks for joining K.I.D + looking forward to your entry next week :D

  3. haha! Oh, kids just really can't help singing happy birthday when they see a candle!
    visiting you back for KID! :)

  4. lol...both on the candle-blowing and your hubby's remark! ^_^

  5. happy birthday! hehehhe
    from KIDS mommy!

  6. Pwede na ring happy birthday sis kasi happy sila eh..


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