Nov 4, 2011

Froggie In The City


Late this afternoon, while I'm doing the laundry, a frog hopped into the laundry area from outside the house. I was puzzled (in my four years here, this is the first time I've seen a frog) but more than that I was excited for the kids. I don't think they have ever seen a live frog before. I called them from inside the house and showed them the frog. It hopped and hopped all over the place that the kids did not get a closer look. I asked them to stay inside the house and to watch from the screen door just to make sure it does not get inside.

the "fwag", perched on our washing machine, looks kinda creepy and nasty to me 

Simon just stayed near the window and watched the frog's every move. After a ten to 15 minutes of chanting "fwag, fwag, fwrog, fwag" he went back to his brothers in front of the computer to resume their game. 

My kids are missing a lot living in the city. I remember when I was a kid, I watch tadpoles swimming in the rice fields. Those days were gone. And how I wish my kids would be able to see not only frogs but tadpoles, too. 

Froggie, did you come to bring us luck? Or have you already done so? Speaking of luck, thanks to Aloha Gems, Techie She, and Swexie. I'm now 20$ richer, thanks to the three of you!

****I'll be on blogging holiday for a few days. Need to concentrate on online work. I won't be able to bloghop like right now but I promise I'll get back to you  as soon as all work are done.***

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  1. That's a beautiful frog! I seldom see frog in here unless we go to a stream or in the woods.

  2. cute fwag it is. whereas here, we could only see bullfrogs, yaiks!

    oh, yes, my kiddos do enjoy watching tadpoles swimming haplessly:)

  3. AY! nEVER seen a frog for years na rin. At least man lang sa pics nakakita ako, hehe.

    You must be so busy with online work Mai. Take your time. See yah when you have the time to visit back.


  4. Frogs reminds me of my childhood! Nice shots.


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